Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Chillies are...

Chillies by ©Haalo

For my latest entry to Foodography 1 I thought I'd a little fun and play with my food. But when playtime was over I had to do something with all these chillies. So I thought of putting them to good use in a very simple recipe.

Sweet Chilli Sauce

10 large red chillies
1½ cups plain sugar
½ cup palm sugar
1 cup Chinese Black Vinegar
1 cup water

To prepare the chillies:
I like to cut them in half - with the top half, I then split them down one side and remove the seeds and membranes. Then I cut them in a fine julienne. With the bottom half, I cut them into thin rings, leaving the seeds and membrane intact. This way I get a little bit of heat (from the seeds and membranes) and a mix of slivers and rings in the sauce.

In a saucepan I place the rest of the ingredients and my prepared chillies and simmer on a lowish heat for 30 minutes or until the sauce reduces and thickens. Give the mix a good stir when you are first starting to make sure the sugars have dissolved in the liquid.

You can cook this for longer to get a thicker sauce - it's really up to your preference.

Let it cool and store in a sealed jar in the fridge.

sweet chilli sauce© by haalo


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