Saturday, September 09, 2006

Favourite Kitchen Gadget

Pamela from Posie's Place is hosting a one off event that dares us to delve into our drawers and cupboards and reveal our most favoured kitchen tool or gadget.

I've chosen something that really is only useful for doing one thing, but oh, what a thing it does!

Picking it up, memories return of when it was last used. In fact it brings back wonderful memories of when it was purchased and I know that when it's used again, we shall be back in Italy.

truffle SlicerĀ© by haalo

It's a Truffle Slicer.

Our holiday last year was arranged around a truffle festival, as you would do. Having carefully chosen our beautiful white truffle from Jimmy Tartufi, naturally enough we had to get their truffle slicer as well. That's one way to remember where the truffle came from.

With it's razor sharp blade that's adjustable with a simple twist of a screw, wafer thin truffle showered happily upon our humble scrambled eggs. We sat and giggled like idiots just breathing in that intoxicating scent before we eventually tucked in.

Now that's the way I'd like to start all my days.

ttruffle SlicerĀ© by haalo

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  1. Thanks Dave - it's the end result of using those tools that makes them special


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