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Weekend Herb Blogging #107

Weekend Herb Blogging returns home this week where Kalyn will be hosting and I thought it most apt that I share this rather special ingredient - Umbrian White Truffles

Umbrian White Truffles - from Gubbio

If you follow the Eat blog you'll have seen that we're currently in Umbria attending a truffle festival - as if Slow Cheese, Gusto Balsamico and Eurochocolate wasn't enough!

I'll be honest and say the truffles this year are a lot smaller than we experienced two years ago and there weren't quite as many either. But when you can walk through the streets and smell truffle in the air, that is indeed, a very good thing.

We have indulged and treated ourselves to a White Truffle, as much as black truffles are very nice, the white truffle is something unique. It is its aroma that truly entices you and we've been known to just sit in front of our white truffle risotto just breathing it all in for a few minutes before even thinking of tasting it.

When choosing a white truffle it will be its aroma that will lead to find the best. After a good deal of searching and sniffing we finally had enough information to select our truffle.

white truffle package

It was wrapped and then sealed in order to keep the aroma contained.

When it came to taking photos, Paalo quickly volunteered to do the hand modelling for me.

truffle truffle

It still has some dirt attached to it, but with a little brush, it can be cleaned away to reveal its white skin

white truffle

I should add that this truffle hails from Gubbio, here in Umbria - if you watch Don Matteo, you'll know exactly where that is.

truffle shaver

Of course, if you have a truffle, you need a truffle slicer!

So what am I going to do with this truffle? Unlike a black that does take to cooking, a white should be served shaved over the dish where the heat of the dish reacts with the truffle to heighten its flavour and aroma.

And for our gathering of four here in Umbria, we're celebrating the last day of the festival with Scrambled Eggs and White Truffle for breakfast!

Scrambled Eggs with White Truffle

Scrambled Eggs with White Truffle
[Serves 4]

6 eggs
salt and freshly ground black pepper
4 thick slices of bread
1 White truffle

I used Altamura bread from the festival - the first bread in Europe to gain DOP status, it is made using natural yeasts. The thick slices where lightly butter and then toasted in a skillet over a medium heat.

The scrambled eggs are a simple mix of eggs, salt, pepper and milk, cooked in a good quantity of butter, constantly stirred they are removed from the heat as they first start to show signs of setting.

The eggs are served over the warm pieces of toast and then it's time to start shaving the truffle - speed is important as you don't want to lose any of that heat of the eggs.

truffle shaving truffle shaving truffle shavin

Serve immediately and breath deeply!

Inside the Truffle

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  1. Oh wow. I'm impressed that you took time to take photos! I bet this would taste just heavenly. I've never had whole truffles, but I have tried truffle salt and truffle oil. I know there are conflicting reports on the quality of such truffle-infused products, but all I know is that both the ones I had tasted quite wonderful!

  2. You are truly evil, rubbing lovely truffles in our faces!
    If I may, what are they currently charging for these truffi?

  3. I would love to have some of this. ;-)

    Continue enjoying yourselves.


  4. I'm just going to sit here and sniff my memories!!! Years ago we were in Torino during white truffle season and had 'fondue' - or a plate of melted cheese and white truffles... It was a little bit of heaven...A true D.O.!
    I'm not even going to be jealous; I'll just be happy for you!

  5. Thanks Kalyn - I think if you enjoy the oils then use them!

    Sorry Peter it's just the way the truffle crumbles ;) Much like a woman's age, one never tells but I can say that they started from €10, the price varying according to size and grade. Black truffles are less expensive, I can't really say cheaper.

    Thanks Paz - I'd gladly share some with you!

    Thanks Katie - Torino in truffle season must be just like heaven and I love torino even without the truffles - that fondue sounds too divine I may have to check out the restaurants and see if there is anything like that here.

  6. I am sad to say, I have never tasted a truffle!!! But it is definately on my list of things to do!!

  7. Did you buy all the truffles on the top photo??? Looks amazing!

  8. I'm envious! I've always wanted to try truffles since I learned about them in my mycology class.

  9. Hi PIC - hope you get to try one soon!

    I wish Pille! - ours is just one of those

    Hopefully one will come your way Gay!

  10. oh my god, look at that! i have never even seen a white truffle. how extravagant and wonderful your pictures are beautiful too. one of these days i'm going to get my hands on one, the eggs look marvelous!!

  11. I am both very impressed and also somewhat envious. It's been a while for me, so I will enjoy the truffles vicariously through you. The aroma must be heavenly!

  12. I've never had truffles...but have been eyeing a truffle oil at Williams Sonoma store. Maybe I'll get that...

  13. Thanks Aria - I like the words of Bill Addison when he tried Alba white truffles "The truffles were showered over a simple risotto, and the heavens aligned."Indeed they do!

    Thanks Nora - these ones gave us saucer eyes when we had a sniff, just beyond words.

    Hi Nabeela - my only advice with truffle oil is to make sure it actually has truffle in it and not the flavouring 2,4-dithiapentane.

  14. I can't breath! I can't breath here Haalo! You are killing me. Enjoy it.

  15. Ahhh I haven't had truffle for a long long time,

  16. Oooh, I've got truffle envy! Thanks for sharing your exciting culinary adventure. :)

  17. Just breathe deeply Rose and all will be fine!

    Hi Cindy - it's a good excuse to have truffle again ;)

    My pleasure Susan - there should be more truffles coming up!

  18. Ok. I'm gonna post this and duck.

    I have a hard time with white truffles. My 'first time' was in Tuscany atop a smoked duck pasta dish. I couldn't force the pungency down, even to save face.

    I do however tremendously respect how rare an occasion it must have been to enjoy such a bounty.

    There. My shame is out there for all of you to abhor. :)

  19. Hi Kevin - apparently it's not that unusual for males to have a negative experience with truffles, it all has to do with biology. I can't remember the actual percentage but it is suprisingly high.

  20. Haalo - thank you for swooping down and rescuing my dignity. :)


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