Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Tea - Hawthorn Berry

Hawthorn Berry

These are dried Hawthorn Berries and their use dates to the ancient Greeks. Predominately they were used as a heart tonic and its benefits derive from the presence of Flavonoids, Cardiotonic Amines and Polyphenols as well as Vitamins B and C.

Hawthorn Berries help to relax and dilate arteries which in turn allows a greater flow of blood and oxygen through the body. With the blood vessels in a relaxed state this also sees a positive effect on blood pressure.

To make a tea from these berries, you generally use a teaspoon per cup. Let it brew for a few minutes before drinking.

Hawthorn Berry Tea

It has a slight sour after-taste so honey is recommended to help sweeten the tea.

hawthorn berry tea



  1. I'm new to Hawthorn Berry, but I'll be on the hunt for it, great health benefits!!

  2. Hope you find some Marie - it might also be sold as Hawthorne Berry

  3. I have that cup! Though the espresso size. Do you mind me if I ask where you got yours from? I found mine in Paris.

  4. Haalo, do you know the Latin name? We're big on sea-buckthorn berries here in Estonia, and I thought they're also called hawthorn berries, but yours look slightly too large for the ones I mean...

  5. Hi Tzu - sorry but I just don't remember exactly where I got them, somewhere in melbourne.

    Hi Pille - Hawthorn Berries are genus Crataegus while the sea-buckthorn is genus Hippophae. They are related as both are from the Rosales order.

  6. Thank you for clarification! I need to look up those hawthorns now :)

  7. Happy hunting Pille!

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  9. Help! I made Hawthorne Berry tea this evening and I'm a little confused. I am new to Hawthorne Berry tea. The directions say to use two teaspoons of the berries and let steep for 20 minutes. Do you take the berries out, eat them, or mash them??? I just want to get the most benefit that I can from the berries. Thanks!

  10. You don't eat the berries - just drink the tea.

  11. I have been drinking Yogi "Hawthorn Berry Heart Tea" and love it. Your picture shows "dried" hawthorn berries, can teas be made with fresh? Frozen? I have Hawthorn bushes, I can just use right off the bush?

  12. I have been grinding the dried berries in with my coffee....


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