Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lemon Curd

With the arrival of the first flush of lemons from my mother's tree, it's the prefect time to indulge in some home-made Lemon Curd.

The method I use is from Stephanie Alexander and it simplifies the whole curd making procedure so that anyone can make this is luscious treat in under 15 minutes!

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Lemon Curd

4 egg yolks
150 grams caster sugar
100 mls lemon juice
70 grams butter, cut into small cubes

Place the egg yolks and sugar into a bowl and beat using an electric mixer until the sugar has dissolved. You'll know when the sugar is dissolved when the mix no longer feels gritty when rubbed between your finger tips.

Put this mixture in a small saucepan along with the lemon juice and butter and place over a low heat. Whisk constantly until it almost reaches boiling point - you'll notice that it will begin to thicken quite quickly and at this stage take it off the heat. At this stage it will have the consistency of a thick custard.

Once off the heat, whisk again and then pour it immediately into hot, sterilised jars. Seal and allow to cool and then store in the fridge.

lemon curd

Pixie from You Say Tomahto, I Say Tomayto and Rosie from Rosie Bakes a Peace of Cake are co-hosting an event called Putting Up in which we're asked to share our favourite preserve - I hope they will enjoy this tangy offering.

lemon curd©


  1. i'm not a fan of the word "curd" for some reason, but i'm a mega-fan of the taste! yours looks perfect!

  2. A perfect, buttery-y, yellow. Very pretty.
    Shari@Whisk: a food blog

  3. Less than 15 minutes makes me extremely happy. lol Grace is always going on about 'curd'

    thanks so much for taking part and love the ribbon around the jar too

  4. AnonymousMay 21, 2008

    sounds good, something I should definitely try...

  5. Stephanie's method is amazing and so counterintuitive. I was very nervous the first time I used her method that the egg yolks would coagulate, but they never do. Interesting chemistry at work.

  6. I am ashamed to say that I have never made lemon curd before but at the moment I have so many lemons that today is the day....thx for sharing.

  7. Thanks Grace - you always call it Lemon Butter then any problems will disappear ;)

    Thanks Shari.

    Thanks Pixie - is there a secret meaning I'm missing?

    Thanks Johnna

    Hi Neil - it's an excellent technique and always works.

    Thanks Nina - you'll have to try it, if you enjoy the filling of lemon meringue pie you'll enjoy lemon curd.

  8. What a lovely looking lemon curd, one of my favourite preserves :)

    Many thanks for taking part in this event.

    Rosie x

  9. AnonymousMay 22, 2008

    I am so trying this. I pride myself on Lemon Butter which I do on the Induction cooktop (great control) but this sounds even easier and looks DIVINE!

  10. That lemon curd looks so good!

  11. Thanks Rosie - it was my pleasure!

    Thanks Tenina - hope you enjoy it!

    Thanks Kevin.

  12. AnonymousJuly 09, 2008

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Last time I made lemon curd I used a recipe with just the yolks but where did I put it? No, idea. I've been frantic looking for a similar one and at last, it's here!

    Thank you! (oh, did I say that?)


  13. Thanks Kay - just happy you'll find a good use for the recipe!

  14. This looks great. Can anyone tell me what caster sugar is and is it possible to convert grams to cups and Tablespoons,etc?

  15. brilliant way to use up egg yolks left over from meringues and such :)

    off to make this now, thanks x

  16. Have just made this - fantastic! Would highly recommend. Tastes amazing for something so easy!


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