Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cocktail: Italian Coffee

For Blog Party I've made Italian Coffee - it may seem to be a tautology but never fear, there is logic behind it. I starting thinking about Irish Coffee and decided I'd quite like to add Frangelico instead the usual whiskey. Since Irish Coffee gets its name from using an Irish Whiskey, if I used Frangelico which is an Italian Liqueur, I really had no choice but call it Italian Coffee!

Italian coffee© by haalo

Italian Coffee

1 tablespoon Frangelico
espresso coffee, warm
fresh cream, whipped

  • Add the Frangelico to a glass and then pour over with espresso - leave a good inch gap to the rim of the glass. Stir to combine.
  • Carefully pipe cream on top of the liquid - you'll notice that the liquid will rise while the cream will stay floating near the surface. If you can't be bothered piping, just dollop whipped cream onto the mixture.
  • Serve at once.

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