Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mango Ice Cream

Astrid from Paulchen's Foodblog hosting this edition of Weekend Herb Blogging and in a prelude to summer I've found myself enjoying the company of mangoes

mango© by Haalo

Mango is the fruit of summer, that perfect combination of sweetness and tropical flavour that immediately transports you to a better place.

To offset the warmer temperatures around here and with apologies to those in colder climes, I've decided to make mango ice cream - in this way, even the hottest day is made a little more bearable.

mango ice cream© by Haalo

Mango Ice Cream
[Makes about 1 litre]

200 grams mango flesh
350 grams plain yoghurt
120 grams caster sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla bean paste
250mls milk

The yoghurt I've used for this is Sheep Milk Yoghurt -

sheep milk yoghurt© by Haalo

it has an appealingly pure flavour with a distinctive tang that I enjoy. You could naturally, use yoghurt from cow or goat if you like.

Place the mango and sugar into a blender and blend until smooth - add in the yoghurt and blend again until combined. Finally add in the milk and vanilla bean paste and pulse until just combined.

Pour into a jug and place into the fridge to cool.

Follow manufacturers instructions and pour into your ice-cream maker to churn - this took about 20 minutes.

mango ice cream© by Haalo

When finished, place in a freezer proof container and allow to set in the freezer.

mango ice cream© by Haalo


  1. Haalo, it's mango mania this w.e., I made chutney with it!

  2. Haalo, mango season just finished up here in Costa Rica and I miss them so much! I LOVE mangoes. The ice cream looks simply refreshing! I've made it using goat kefir.... delicious!

    Please stop by my blog.. I have an blog award for you:

  3. You KNOW how I feel about mangoes. Yum! Interestingly enough, I've never had mango ice cream.


  4. Oh man, that looks amazing!

  5. Yum Cindy - maybe we can do a swap?

    Thanks Marillyn, that sounds delish!

    You must find yourself some mango ice cream Paz!

    Thanks Rach - that's very lovely of you!

    Thanks Marisa!

  6. I love mango and I've looked for a good mango ice-cream recipe. Your yoghurt version looks very very interesting. Thanks :)

  7. I could use a prelude to summer. Even though our winter is just starting! Mango is my favorite fruit so this sounds delicious to me.

  8. woow......looking cool.....!!
    just think that, if it's pics like that than what delicious taste of it....!!!

  9. Thanks Momgatway!

    Thanks Kormarka!

    Thanks Joanne - mango is just the best

    Thanks James!


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