Friday, February 05, 2010

Nutella and Banana Pastries

February 5th has been designated World Nutella Day and in celebration Sara from Ms. Adventures in Italy and Michelle from Bleeding Espresso are co-hosting this event to honour this wonderful Italian creation.

One of the great friends of Nutella is banana, ah yes, banana and nutella sandwiches are a child's delight but I've taken that combination a little further and possibly made it just a little more naughtier.

Nutella and Banana Pastries© by Haalo

Nutella and Banana Pastries

wonton wrappers (or shortcrust pastry if baking)
banana, diced finely
icing sugar, for dusting

You can make these two ways depending on how bad you want to be or your level of confidence - use wonton wrappers if you want to fry these or by substituting shortcrust pastry these can be baked in the oven, the choice is yours.

Make the filling:

No real measurements here - its simply a mix of softened nutella and finely diced banana. Slacken the nutella first before adding the banana - you don't want to overwork it and end up squashing the banana. Proportion wise, it's up to you depending on what you prefer.

Make the pastries:

I've made two different shapes - one is like a tortelloni and the other is a much simpler triangle.

Take a square of pastry (wonton or shortcrust) and place a small round of filling into the center.

Nutella and Banana Pastries© by Haalo

Brush the edges with water and then fold one corner onto the other to form a triangle. Starting from closest to the filling, push the air out and then press the pastry together, pinching the edges to ensure a tight seal. Take a fork and run it around the edge to complete the seal.

Nutella and Banana Pastries© by Haalo

To cook:

If baking, brush with milk and give them a sprinkle of caster sugar and then bake in a pre-heated 160°C/320°F oven until golden brown.

If frying, slip them into the oil the patterned side down and then flip over when that side is almost golden. They should take no more than about a minute to cook. Drain on paper towels before dusting generously with icing sugar.

Nutella and Banana Pastries© by Haalo

When you bite into that crisp pastry you're rewarded with a pocket of goodness...

Nutella and Banana Pastries© by Haalo

chocolate, hazelnut and banana - what more can you ask for?


  1. Haalo! You outdid yourself on these little guys....They look absolutely delectable!

  2. Oh, wow. These look disturbingly habit-forming.

  3. You're right. What more can you ask for?


  4. Elvis would have loved post 1001:) me too:)

  5. That looks utterly sinful and decadent!!!!

  6. These look so decadent and fancy - and yet you also make them look so easy to make! Pretty much a perfect combination there :)

  7. looks delicious - I would love to taste these - thought you would have deep fried them but baking sounds good

  8. Happy World Nutella Day! Though this is too sinful for me but thumbs up!

  9. Thanks Chris - high praise especially after seeing those molten cakes you've whipped up.

    Thanks Tanita - yes may have to start rationing them ;)

    I don't know Paz!

    Thanks Heart!

    Thanks Nina!

    Thanks Hannah - they are very simple to make

    Thanks Johanna - if you use shortcrust pastry then bake them, but these ones used wonton wrappers so they have been deep-fried

    Thanks DT!

  10. Oh, I love idea of Nutella in wonton wrappers. So bad, but so good. I think I am going to have to make them!


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