Thursday, December 16, 2010

Whisky Ginger Cake

The last ginger cake I made left me with an unintended consequence - it left with a taste for ginger cakes that had me searching high and low for other ginger cake recipes to try. I finally settled on a recipe by Dan Lepard that uses glacé ginger and whisky.

Whisky Ginger Cake© by Haalo

The only major change made to the original recipe is in the icing. The original calls for icing to be made with a little mixed spice and icing sugar and as the cake isn't that rich I thought it could cope with a richer topping.

To amp up the whisky element, I made a whisky buttercream - a simple mix of beaten butter and icing sugar finished off with spoonfuls of whisky.

Whisky Ginger Cake© by Haalo

Whisky Ginger Cake

180 grams plain flour
1½ teaspoons bicarb
3 teaspoons ground ginger
3 teaspoons mixed spice
75 grams butter
100 grams treacle
70 grams dark brown sugar
2 eggs, lightly whisked
75mls whisky
100 grams glacé ginger, chopped roughly
For topping
softened butter
icing sugar

Sift the flour, bicarb, ground ginger and mixed spice together into a bowl and set aside.

Add the butter, treacle and dark brown sugar into a saucepan and place over a low heat - stir until the butter has melted and the mixture is smooth. Remove from the heat.

Drizzle in the eggs while whisking constantly, pour in the whisky and continue until mixed through. Stir in the glacé ginger.

Finally add in the sifted flour mixture - stirring until it has fully incorporated.

Pour this out into a buttered and lined loaf pan and bake in a preheated 170°C oven until cooked through - around 45 to 60 minutes.

Let it cool in the pan before removing to ice.

For the topping:
Beat softened butter and icing sugar until light and creamy. Add the whisky a teaspoon at a time, beat until it is absorbed and then taste. Continue adding whisky until it achieves your preferred taste.
It's now ready to be spread over the loaf. When done place the loaf into the fridge until the topping has set.


  1. wow, that looks sooooooooo delicious and I love that rich brown color :)

  2. scrumptious and very perfect looking moist cake !

  3. how lovely - this would go down a treat here!

  4. Thanks Priya and Priya!

    Thanks Johanna - this one has a big ginger zing!

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    Great information in this cake there are many people like to make this cake at home.


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