Saturday, August 31, 2013

Roasted Rhubarb with Rice Pudding

Graziana from Erbe in Cucina (Cooking with Herbs) is hosting Weekend Herb Blogging and this week I have a winter favourite - Rhubarb

rhubarb© by Haalo
Rhubarb is a versatile vegetable - equally at home in sweet or savoury dishes. In the past I've made rhubarb ice cream, jam, tarts, cakes, the ubiquitous crumble and even a chutney. This time I'm taking a simpler approach in preparing the rhubarb by roasting it in the oven.

After trimming and washing the rhubarb stalks I lay them in an oven-proof dish that is just large enough to hold them snuggly - a little brown sugar is sprinkled over and the dish is sealed with foil. Pop it in a low oven for about 20 minutes and you'll be rewarded with tender sticks of rhubarb swimming in a gorgeous ruby syrup.

roasted rhubarb© by Haalo

This makes for a great accompaniment to pancakes or waffles or simply served with some thick yoghurt. I've decided to serve them with Paalo's favourite - a creamy rice pudding.

Rice Pudding with Roasted Rhubarb© by Haalo

Roasted Rhubarb with Rice Pudding

1 bunch rhubarb, washed and trimmed
brown sugar

Rice Pudding
1 cup short grain rice
3 cups milk, approx
vanilla bean paste
brown sugar, to taste

Cook the rhubarb:
Trim the rhubarb and cut into evenly sized sticks. Wash and then lay them in a baking dish. Sprinkle over with soft brown sugar and then seal the dish with foil. Place in a preheated 160°C oven and bake for about 20 minutes or until the rhubarb has softened. Allow to cool in the syrup before storing in a sealable container in the fridge.

Make the Rice Pudding:
Place the milk and vanilla bean paste into a saucepan and slowly bring to simmering point. Sprinkle in the rice and stir well. Simmer, stirring often, until the rice has softened and absorbed all the milk. As all rice has differing absorption levels you may need to add extra milk. When the rice is almost cooked, add the brown sugar to taste and cook for a further 5 minutes.

You can serve the rice pudding hot or cold.

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  1. As a rice pudding lover, this looks interesting.


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