Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cheese: Bra DOP

My second notable cheese of Cuneo is named after the town were appropriately, Slow Cheese is held - Bra.

Bra Tenero d'Alpeggio DOP by Haalo

Bra comes in two forms - Tenero (Soft) and Duro (Hard) - and if produced in the mountainous areas are given the name "d'Alpeggio". The cheese pictured is a Bra Tenero d'Alpeggio.

Bra is made with cows milk (raw or pasteurised) though sheep and/or goat milk can be added (no more than 10%). The soft cheese is matured for 45 days while the hard matures for 180 days.

Bra Duro can be used as a substitute to Parmigiano while Bra Tenero is excellent in fonduta.

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