Monday, June 09, 2014

Cheese: Caciocavallo Fresco

My cheese for today isn't from Cuneo or Piemonte - instead I'm moving my focus to Southern Italy to present this Caciocavallo Fresco.

Caciocavallo Fresco© by Haalo

Caciocavallo is a stretched curd cheese (like mozzarella and provolone) which can be made from cows, ewes or buffalo milk.  I'm more used to seeing the aged versions so I was more than intrigued by this fresh version.

Caciocavallo Fresco© by Haalo

You can use it as you would mozzarella but you can also use it like haloumi - cut into thick slices and fried in a saucepan to crisp the outside.

I've served it in another way - as caciocavallo cotolette - bite size pieces that are egg-washed then crumbed before being quickly sautéed until crisp and golden.

Caciocavallo Fresco© by Haalo

Piled high, they make for a rather tasty nibble to go alongside that pre-dinner Negroni.

Caciocavallo Fresco© by Haalo

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  1. Mi hai fatto venire voglia di caciocavallo impanato ora!!! :)
    golosissimo ;)


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