Friday, February 10, 2006

SHF#16: Recipe For Love

Perhaps it was a side effect of the last rounds sugarfree-ish theme, that this month we'd been sent to sashay down a more sensual side of desserts. Jennifer from Taste Everything Once wants to be tempted and enticed by recipes that stoke those romantic urgings.

On a quest for aphrodisiacs there was really only one place to go - google of course. Soon I found myself making a list and checking it twice, and working out which ingredients were the naughtiest by far.

Almonds would entice females whereas pinenuts would supply those oh-so-necessary minerals to fuel his performance. Ginger stimulated the circulation and vanilla increased feelings of lust. Chocolate and Coffee both stimulated the neurotransmitters while Alcohol, in carefully measured doses, removed our inhibitions and relaxed the mood. Passionfruit, well, it's all in the name and both berries and honey are associated with sexual viguor.

Once the list was compiled the hard part began. What ingredient would be best to accomplish the task?

Then it came it was clear now. What I had in mind was my own version of the big bang theory.

Combine multiple ingredients and boost their effects and offer them in an assortment of bite sized delights - perfect for sharing. A nibble here, a nibble there.

I present the "ultimate platter of passion"

recipe for loveĀ© by haalo

consisting of....
Beguiling Brandy Snap Baskets filled with vocariously whipped Strawberry Vanilla cream
Passionate Passionfruit Meringue Pies
Pleasurable Pinenut and Almond Tartlets
Hedonistic Honey Mandelines
Carnal Chocolate Coffee Hearts

and to drink...
Tantalizing Toblerone Cocktail

You'll find recipes and photos for each dish on this site - just hit the appropriate link.

Health Warning:
I assume no responsibility on the lust that follows consumption of these dishes - eat at your own peril. You may experience a rise in temperature and an increase in sensual thoughts.


  1. Oh wow, it looks amazing! You really went all out! :)

  2. Oh my gosh! So much love on one platter. It makes me weak in the knees just looking at all you have to offer!

    Thanks for taking part in this month's Sugar High Friday. Look for a round up by the end of the weekend.

  3. I think I went a little mad - a side effect of all those aphrodisiacs I'm sure.

  4. Holy heck! That's a lot of Desserts! Not that I am complaining, mind you.

  5. Hi Christine

    the items are actually quite small, at most two bites - the whole idea was sharing and what's better than sharing with the one you love... take a bite or a sip and experience a little of everything.

  6. umm, the biting and the siping refers to the food not to your partner, then again..well, that's another blog

  7. The spread looks awesome haalo!
    Good job!

  8. Hi Nicholas

    Thanks for the nice comments!


  9. Hi Haalo - your creations are absolutely gorgeous!

  10. Hi Kaiko

    Thank you so much for your comment - I have to say you have the most amazing blog, your photos are incredible - absolutely lush!


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