Friday, February 10, 2006

Chocolate Coffee Hearts

Another component for SHF#16 the base for these chocolates is a very simple ganache that I've used since I don't know when and results in an exceptionally soft and smooth truffle. You really need to work quickly as the mix is very sensitive to heat. Instead of hand rolling them to form balls I've used two small heart shaped cutters instead.

Chocolate Coffee HeartsĀ© by Haalo

Chocolate Coffee Hearts

¼ cup cream
150g dark chocolate, chopped
½ tablespoon espresso coffee
½ tablespoon coffee liqueur

Put the cream in a small saucepan and heat to just below boiling point. Add the chopped chocolate and stir over the heat until melted and fully incorporated with the cream. Remove from heat and stir in the coffee and liqeur.

If you want to make the traditional balls then place this mix in a small bowl and leave in the fridge to set. Take tablespoonfuls of the mix and roll into balls (good idea to lightly dust your palms with cocoa powder to stop the mix from sticking to your hands) - you need to have a really quick action.

To make the hearts, I've placed the mix in a plastic wrap lined small container - the chocolate will form a roughly 1 cm thick (this has to be lower then your mould height) rectangle.

I let this mix set overnight before pulling it out of the mould and begin cutting the shapes. You'll find you'll have to carefully push the truffle out of the mould. Instead of cocoa, I've dropped these in a sparkly deep red sugar that you should be able to find at good cake decorating stores. Red fits in more with the passionate theme of SHF#16.

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