Friday, January 28, 2011

Aperol and Orange

Way back in the dawn of time, 2006, when this blog wasn't even a month old, I started a weekly cocktail posting dedicated to the "5 o'clock swill" called Friday o'clock Swill. I've been meaning to revive it largely because I enjoy the odd tipple and as this weekend is going to be a hot one it seems the perfect time for refreshments.

The star of this weeks beverage is Aperol

aperol© by Haalo

Aperol is an Italian liquore - created by the Barbieri brothers in Padua in 1919. It's a mix of herbs, bitter orange and rhubarb - think of it as a sweeter and lower alcohol (11%) version of Campari - interesting side note, it was bought by Campari in the '90's. There is still bitterness but not aggressively so.

The drink I've made is a summertime favourite. Icy cold, a blend of aperol and orange - the slight bitterness makes it even more refreshing. If you can't be in Italy, sip one of these while flicking through the pages of Bell'Italia and you'll be in Italy in spirit.

aperol and orange© by Haalo

Aperol and Orange

1 part Aperol
3 parts fresh orange juice

You can add more or less aperol/orange juice depending on your personal preference.

Half fill a good sized tumbler with ice.
Pour in the Aperol and then carefully top with orange juice to create the layered look.

This is a drink that just reminds me of the beautiful sunsets I'd see in Italy



  1. I'm having a glass of white wine as I write this, but I wish it was one of these. It looks gorgeous! I've never heard of Aperol before, I'll definitely look for it next time I'm at the store.

  2. Aperol Spritz
    is a cult in my region (Veneto)and a must at our parties and when we want to drink a light aperitif (sometimes a little bit is allowed to kids as well!), so Aperol is always a nice presence in the fridge!
    when I read the title of your post I couldn't miss and enjoy a glass with you!

  3. Thanks Adele - it's a lovely drink, hope you try some!

    Thanks Cinzia - I'll have to make a spritz next time and toast to you!

  4. Haalo, if you ever would like to resume Friday 5 o'clock Swill, it would be a pleasure joining you.
    I think that could be real fun.

  5. for Adele, sometimes it's great to drop a bit of it into your white wine (especially if it's a Prosecco)
    I also love it with a bit of soda...and of the bars here wet the rims of the glass and press it into sugar first. I first found out about it in Veneto too when I lived in Venice 20 years ago (Aperol on the sweater side, Select for bitters).
    But Aperol and Orange is my favourte, especially when I'm thinking of Summer, thanks for sharing with others this fun drink.

  6. That would be fun Brii - perfect way to end the week! Cin Cin!

  7. As a child, I liked to smell Aperol. Later, I was allowed to have a bit and I really liked it: it has an interesting flavor. I never thought of adding orange juice to it. Very nice photos, as usual.

  8. Thanks Simona - i think i've become quite addicted to it, just the perfect drink for summer


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