Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Five Years

pistachio madeleines© by Haalo

and 1174 posts later Cook (almost) Anything turns 5 and for the second year running I've managed to overshoot my blog birthday but life is like that, it's unpredictable - I did though, bake some lovely pistachio madeleines to mark the occasion.

I'm not sure if anyone has developed a formula to work out how many blog years equal one human year - I googled it but came up with nothing, but over a few lunch time discussions and possibly a few glasses of red, we came up with a rough figure.

Looking at it in a technological sense, 5 years would be a generation which would equate to 25 years so 1 blog year = 5 human years. On a purely subjective measure, it feels like 25 years!

Usually at this time I take the opportunity to change the site layout but I've decided to hold off on that for a few weeks to make sure it all works correctly.

As I say every year - thank you dear readers for your continued support. Whether you email, leave a comment or silently lurk, I appreciate the time you've taken and I look forward to your company in the future.


  1. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Cook (almost) Anything at Least Once, happy birthday to you!

  2. Haalo, happy happy birthday!
    25years!! wow that's much! :-DDDD
    a big hug and thank's for all lovely, interesting and inspiring posts!

  3. Happy Birthday to the blog and Congratulations!

  4. Wishing u many more- u have a very very beautiful space , which is livened by your spicy narration of things --i love it !

  5. Happy Blog Birthday, dear Haalo, and my best wishes for more and more happy blogging years to come!

  6. Congrats - and the madeleines look wonderful :)

  7. Happy blog birthday Haalo. I think your calculations sound about right, 1 blog year does indeed feel like about 5 human years!

  8. Thanks Penny!

    and I sang along with you Adele - Thanks!

    Thanks Brii!

    Thanks Shri!

    Thanks Priya!

    Thanks Cinzia!

    Thanks Mimi and Katie - they tasted quite good too ;)

    Thanks Kalyn - sometimes it feels like 10 years rather than 5 ;)

  9. Happy (belated) blog birthday Haalo! I always overlooked mine :). But wow, 5 years are such a long time. You are always an inspiration!

  10. happy blogiversary - glad to see you still going strong and still coming up with fascinating ingredients and tempting recipes - may it long continue

  11. Happy 5 years! It's been great reading all your posts!

  12. 1174! WOW Congratulations Haalo! :)You're a real inspiration

  13. wow, 5 years, that is surely a great milestone to reach. Congrats :)andi

  14. Wow Congrats - Only recently discovered your blog and am having fun reading your posts...

  15. Thanks so much Anh that is very sweet of you - you must remember to remember your next blog birthday!

    Thanks Johanna - I probably have lots to go if I want to cook (almost) anything ;)

    Thanks Susan!

    Thanks Min - you are too kind!

    Thanks Lisa!

    Thanks Priya - sometimes I find it hard to believe it has really been 5 years

    Thanks Sandy - happy to hear you're enjoying the posts!


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