Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend Herb Blogging #265 - Recap

For the first Weekend Herb Blogging of the year it's lovely to welcome both new and familiar faces.  As always the recap is a reflection of where we are and what we are feeling - whether we are seeking to indulge or looking for recovery, longing for spring or celebrating summer, taking it easy or seeking comfort and warmth, there is something here that we can relate to.

As usual I'm ordered the posts by major ingredient.


Apple Appams
from Yasmeen of Health Nut

Yasmeen continues to show us that finding healthier options doesn't mean depriving yourself. Appams are a Southern Indian dish and Yasmeen makes hers with grated apple, whole wheat flour and brown rice and spices them a little cardamom. Instead of deep frying them, they are cooked in a special Appam pan.

Apple Raita
by Shri from Tiffin Carrier Antic/que's!

It's a warm welcome to Shri who joins us for her first WHB. Shri is also using apple but this time it's been added to a Raita - she blends sour cream, yoghurt and buttermilk and spices it with cummin seeds and chilli flakes. She also recommends serving it with single pot rice dishes, meat and vegetable pulao and spicy biryani.


Basil Ice Cream with Macerated Strawberries
by Mimi and Katie from Foodie and the Chef

Foodie and the Chef aka Mimi and Katie are also joining in for their first WHB. The basil and strawberries come from Katie's garden so you just know they are going to be bursting with flavour. The strawberries are macerated in mix of aged Balsamic and sugar while for the ice-cream, the basil leaves are first seeped in the milk to release all their flavour.


Fresh Chickpeas with Sichuan Spiced Salt
by Anh from A Food Lover's Journey

Anh stumbled upon fresh chickpeas while shopping with her mother in law - I can well share her excitement, I was excited just reading the post as they are something I've never seen before. Anh gives them a simple treatment - steaming them briefly before sprinkling them with a Sichuan spiced salt.


Thyme Lentils over Polenta
by Janet from Taste Space

Janet describes this meal as a tonic for "post-holiday indulgences..the lentils are light and fresh and the polenta is hearty" and if you use fine cornmeal instead of coarse, you'll find the polenta will reach the desired texture in a fraction of the time.


Trevally Crudo

Merken is a Chilean spice mix which I use to add smoky and spicy flavours to this dish of cured fish.


Poached Pear and Apricot in Red Wine
by Huan from Eat.Read.Live

This recipe comes from Huan's very good friend Chef Clement so thank you to Chef Clement for sharing! Packham pears are first briefly poached in a mix of honey, sugar and a strong red wine - later cloves, cinnamon, orange zest and dried apricots are added.


Black and Red Quinoa
by Tigerfish from Teczcape - An Escape to food

If you have questions about Quinoa then Tigerfish has the answers and she also has a terrific one pot recipe we should all try. Using a rice cooker, she cooks a congee type dish using brown rice, red quinoa, millet, black quinoa and red rice.


Grilled Goat Cutlets with Rhubarb Agrodolce Sauce
by Anna from Morsels and Musings

As much as I love to see goat on the menu, I'm even more excited by Anna's interpretation of "agrodolce" - the Italian version of sweet and sour. Anna starts by slowly sautéing onions and garlic in olive oil and then adds rhubarb and brown sugar. Next a little red wine and verjuice is added. It's then pureed and the sweet/sour balance adjusted with verjuice or brown sugar.


Pineapple Jam with Rosemary
by Brii from Briiblog

Brii is longing for Spring and manages to capture that feeling perfectly in her gorgeous, golden Rosemary-scented Pineapple Jam.


Insalata Festiva con Gelato al Grana/Festive Salad with Parmesan Ice-cream
by Cinzia from Cindystar

Cinzia will be hosting both the English and Italian versions of WHB next week but for now she's keeping the festive feel going with a fabulous salad served with parmesan ice-cream!


Uovo col pomodoro/Egg and Tomato
by Simona from Briciole

There's a fascinating read about the relationship between tomatoes and Italy and how they eventually gained their place in Italian Cuisine and Simona personalises this with her favourite childhood dish of Uovo Col Pomodoro or Egg and Tomato. It starts with a garlic infused tomato puree that is reduced slightly and into which beaten eggs are added. This is then stirred until the eggs cook and the mix becomes thick and creamy. Served with good crusty bread I can understand why this dish is a favourite.

If there are any errors or if I've left anyone out, just give me a buzz and I'll fix it.


  1. I am enjoying the A-Z of WHB's healthy ingredients :) Thanks for the round up!

  2. amazing recap, haalo, so various and interesting!
    a warm welcome to the newbees, hope they enjoy and follow in the future!

  3. Wonderful round-up, Haalo. Such unusual dishes this week!

  4. A very nice array of interesting dishes, as always. Thanks for the roundup!

  5. there are some really good recipes in this lot.
    thanks for hosting.

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  7. Thanks for organising all of this, Haalo - it looks fantastic and we look forward to more WHB!

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