Saturday, May 20, 2006

Fabulous Favorites Festival

What happens when Wine Blogging Wednesday combines with Is My Blog Burning? - you get Fabulous Favorites Festival! Lenn from Lenndevours and Alberto from Il Forno join to host this event. The objective was simple - pick a favourite wine and cook a dish to match or pick your favourite dish and select a wine to match but making a decision couldn't have been harder.

After much thought I decided to stick with something local and uniquely Australian, it might be considered an odd choice, but I settled upon a fortified wine - Liqueur Muscat. The best examples (said without bias of course!) come from my home state of Victoria, from the Rutherglen and Glenrowan regions.

Why a Muscat? It's just extraordinarily hard to beat a Muscat for complexity of flavours and lusciousness. It can be enjoyed as an aperitif, with dessert and cheese and of course, while relaxing after dinner.

The wine I've picked is a Baileys of Glenrowan Founder Liqueur Muscat.


Located 230 kilometres north-east of Melbourne and founded in 1870 you'll find Baileys of Glenrowan. The climate consists of warm days and cool nights with long dry autumns. The Muscat grapes become particularly sweet and flavoursome in these conditions.

There's only one Muscat variety used here in production and it's the Muscat a petit grains Rouge or as it's known locally Brown or Rutherglen Muscat.


It has that characteristic mahogany brown colour in the glass. Swirling will highlight it's syrupy viscosity. On the palette you'll get caramel, fruitcake, raisin and figs amongst others - the flavours linger long after you've finished the glass.

Chocolate has a natural affinity with Muscat so I've teemed this up with the White Chocolate Tart.


The tart is quite creamy and being white chocolate, it's not particularly sweet, so the Muscat worked quite well in balancing the dish.

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