Monday, May 08, 2006

Mixology Monday II: Coffee

Mx Monday When I first read about Mixology Monday it certainly grabbed my interest. It can be said that I do enjoy having a cocktail or two.

Devised by Paul from The Cocktail Chronicles, this edition is hosted by The Art of the Drink.

This month's theme is Coffee - coffee and alcohol now that is a combination!

Investigating the shelves of our bar I discovered three coffee liqueurs


the least known being the Caffè Lucano Liquore al Caffé.

Compared to Tia Maria and Kahlua it's a much thicker, darker and certainly more "spirity". It comes in at 30% alcohol compared to the 26.5% of both Tia Maria and Kahlua. It's also much more intensely coffee flavoured - it's the closest to having a real coffee taste. It's recommended that it be drunk straight on ice with a little water - which is exactly what I did.


The water helps in reducing the slight bitterness of the liquor and it does taste like a real coffee.

Having made one drink I felt it only fair that I make something with the other two.

The next cocktail is called Nutty Russian

30ml Vanilla Vodka
30ml Frangelico
30ml Tia Maria
crushed ice

Add the ingredients to a shaker and shake, pour into glass and serve with ice. You can also add 30ml of milk to this drink if you like.

This was followed by a Coffee Martini

60ml Vanilla Vodka
30ml Kahlua

Add ice to a shaker followed by vodka and kahlua. Shake well, then strain into martini glass.

Finally you can't really have coffee cocktails without one that involves real coffee - so this is my spin on an Irish Coffee, something I like to call Irish Mocha
80ml Espresso, cooled slightly
20ml Drambuie Cream
20ml Crème de Cacao

Place ingredients into a jug and using a stick blender, blend until frothy. Pour into glass and serve immediately.

This is wonderfully creamy with subtle chocolate hints. Served slightly warm it's perfect for those colder nights. You could also blend this with ice to create a frappe type drink - perfect for summer.

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