Monday, July 31, 2006

Hay Hay It's Donna Day #4

Bron has taken up the Donna Hay baton and is hosting this edition of Hay Hay It's Donna Day where Bruschetta gets "hay-erised".

I'm quite partial to a Sweet Bruschetta and was quite pleased to incorporate the Red Wine Poached Pears in this offering.


Pear, Almond & Ricotta Bruschetta

Makes 2 serves

2 thick slices of Briont (Briont is a Brioche type bread)
unsalted butter
2 Red Wine Poached Pears, sliced in half
150 grams Ricotta
2 tablespoons icing sugar
30 grams flaked almonds, roasted
Red Wine Reduction (make from the poaching liquid), optional, to serve

Lightly dot the bread with a little butter - grill until golden (A sandwich press is an excellent way to do this). Place on a wire rack to cool slightly.

Regarding the Ricotta - don't even think of making this from the stuff you find at the supermarket in tubs, it just won't work. You need to find the real thing from a good deli.

Push the ricotta through a fine sieve (this lightens the mixture) and place in a bowl with the icing sugar. Stir well to combine before folding in the roasted flaked almonds.

Scoop the ricotta out onto the toasted Briont - keep it light and don't be tempted to press it down. Top with the halved Pears and drizzle over with Red Wine Reduction. Serve immediately.


When it comes to savoury it's hard to go past the traditional Bruschetta al Pomodoro but I think this Mixed Mushroom & Goat Cheese Bruschetta might give it a run for it's money.


This is served on grilled Sour Dough Baguette.


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  1. Thanks Bron - should be a great round-up!

  2. Your bruschetta look beautiful! :)

  3. Hi Tami and Thank you!

  4. That mushroom brushetta is gorgeous!

  5. Haalo - what gorgeous combinations. I could eat one of your Pear bruschetta right now. Thanks for participating.

  6. Thanks Barbara - the pears are quite morish.


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