Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wine Blogging Wednesday #23

As the great Cook in the sky has apparently decreed, BBQ's are the domain of the rougher gender so Haalo has asked me to select a wine to have with our virtual BBQ for this edition of Wine Blogging Wednesday hosted by Vivi's Wine Journal.

BBQ's and wine, wine and BBQ's. Which comes first? Here in "The Great Southern Land" what gets drunk at a BBQ usually gets bought when buying a bag of ice for the esky or is brought by the guests. It's also usually beer!

That aside wine drunk at BBQ's can depend greatly on the weather as well. A hot summers night demands an over chilled wooded chardonnay, wooded to ensure some flavour gets through the chilling, or an acid filled sauvignon blanc to cut through the fatty grilled meat. Delicate whites need not apply!

A cold winters day requires a warming big bodied red. A cold winters night requires (and has required) a bottle of something fortified with spirit. A bottle of Angoves Rum Port .... but that's another story.

What's being cooked as well?

For a bucket of Balmain Bugs marinated in chilli and lemon grass select a correctly chilled bottle of Prosecco or for a local alternative, Seppelt Vintage Fleur de Lys.

For a selection of gourmet sausages select gourmet beer. For sawdust sausages a VB will suffice.

For a nice thick juicy porterhouse (medium rare) a fruity Shiraz (splashed on the hot grill as a last second marinade) such as Campbells Bobbie Burns Shiraz from the Rutherglen here in Victoria.

For kebabs, a Chardonnay such as Yarra Burn Chardonnay from the Yarra Valley in Victoria.

Vegetables? This is a BBQ. You'll be asking me about tofu next.

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