Friday, August 25, 2006

Meme: Five Things

I can only imagine the wry smile that might have crossed Neil's face as a new meme reached his blog. I'm more than happy that he decided to share it with me - it is quite a thought provoking one.

Melissa from The Traveler's Lunchbox has started this project to form a list of the "5 things you've eaten and think that everyone should eat at least once before they die" - it doesn't quite roll off the tongue but I don't think shortening it to FTYEATTESEALOBTD is that catchy either. I am quite partial to that "at least once" part.

As with all finite numbered lists the problem always comes when you try to fill in that last spot - in reality that last spot is a choice out of thousands.

1. Umbrian White Truffles
The ultimate simple yet perfect dish - scrambled eggs topped with a wiggling sea of finely sliced white truffle. Better yet, you would have stored that truffle in the egg carton overnight to allow the aromas to seep through the porous shells and permeate the yolks. You'll be greeted with a multitude of pleasures, from the intoxicating aromas as you open the fridge to retrieve your eggs to when you gaze down on your oh-so-soft and just scrambled eggs, just breathe in and smile. Take a bite and find perfection.

2. Foie Gras
Well, it's just so politically incorrect isn't it? Eat it and enjoy it while you still have the choice.

3. Fresh Italian Buffalo Bocconcini
You know, it's so fresh that when you rip it in half, it weeps whey from it's silken flesh. I thought our local version was good but then I experienced the real thing in Italy - no comparison at all. It's creamy, it's soft and unmentionable delicious.

4. Canadian Scallops
With apologies to Australian Scallops, my heart belongs to these Canadian beauties. Having first tasted them in Seattle it was love at first bite. So when I had them here a few years later, I was a very happy girl indeed. They have substance, they are sweet and they are succulent.

5. 100 year old Seppelt Para Liqueur Vintage Tawny
This is something we were very fortunate to taste a few years back and we can still can recall it's flavour, it's texture, it's taste and the thought of it makes our mouths water.
There was an amazing amount of foresight in it's production. It's 1878 in Australia, Benno Seppelt decides to put a cask of Port away to celebrate his first Vintage and it's not to be touched for 100 years. Better yet, he decides that from now on, in every vintage, a cask of the best wine will be set aside as well. He leaves Seppelt with an unparalleled record - it's the only company in the world that has over 100 consecutive vintages of one product maturing in their cellars.

Now, once 100 years has passed it can be sold but even that is done to order. So the 1878 is still sitting there in it's cask...waiting.

The taste is unique but what stands out most is just how perfectly balanced it is. Colourwise it's similar to molasses or vanilla extract, incredibly thick and luscious, such complexity that comes only with age and a taste that lingers - oak, toffee, raisins, and fruitcake flavours.

Now it's time to pass on the meme...
1. Anna from Morsels and Musings
2. Mellie from Tummy Rumbles
3. Surfindaave from The Serendipitous Chef
4. Emma from The Laughing Gastronome
5. Susan from Porcini Chronicles

Naturally enough, only do it if you feel like it and if anyone else feels like joining in, then go right ahead. Don't forget to link back to Melissa so she add your suggestions to the list!

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  1. Everything on this list looks good, but being a cheese-lover, the fresh Italian made bocconcini is the one which made my tastebuds water most of all. Oh, for the chance to visit Italy and taste the real thing!

  2. Hey super list, the white truffles and foie gras have me drooling, lucky you!

    Thanks for taking part.

  3. Ellie - when you go to Italy as a cheese lover you'll think you're in heaven. The buffalo mozzarella was so amazing I think I grinned like an idiot for a day - oh and then there are artisan cheeses...

    Thanks Neil for tagging me - I do go on about white truffles but I just think they are beyond compare.

  4. Interesting list!


  5. Thanks Paz.

    Thanks Emma - your list looks great!

  6. i am mighty jealous about the port!

  7. Sam - it's something that if you ever get the chance to taste, grab it!

  8. Excellent Mellie - it's just too difficult to bring it down to five but I do love love love your no.3!


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