Monday, August 07, 2006

Mixology Monday VI

Rick from Martini Lounge is hosting this edition of Mixology Monday and the theme is Grape based drinks (excluding wine).

My choice is Brandy and in particular, Vecchia Romagna Etichetta Nera - an Italian Brandy. The first Italian Brandy was made in 1261 at the University of Bologna - that certainly beats the beer and chateau cardboard that's found at local universities. Trebbiano grapes are used and aged in oak for at least 3 years resulting in a smooth and creamy brandy.

I wouldn't normally mix this but I thought I'd use it to put a twist on a drink called the French Connection, replacing the original protagonists Cognac and Amaretto with Italian Brandy and Frangelico. The result is deliciously nutty with a touch of sweetness as a counter to the lush and intense brandy notes. A simple drink but one to savour.


Italian Connection

30ml Vecchia Romagna
15ml Frangelico

Place the ice in a glass and top with the Vecchia Romagna and Frangelico - stir and serve.

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