Sunday, October 01, 2006

Weekend Herb Blogging #52

Weekend Herb Blogging is a year old and to celebrate, Kalyn from Kalyn's Kitchen asked us to nominate our favourite herb.

Trying to come up with a favourite anything is always a difficult task, a favourite herb is no different. So in the spirit of inclusiveness I turned to Paalo for some input.

After much discussion a stalemate ensued and two herbs remained - neither one of us able to sway the other.

Paalo's choice for favourite herb is Basil - and the recipe that draws him fervently to the herb is an Italian classic and no, it's not Pesto, it's Bruschetta al Pomodoro.


This would be close to a perfect combinational of flavours (if such a thing exists) - ripe tomatoes, a touch of red onion and finally fresh basil, roughly torn to impart maximum flavour. Every part of this dish is fresh and alive and you can't help but feel better while you're eating it.

My choice is based on a similar train of thought - it's a dish that draws me to this herb - the herb in question is Sage. I've posted on this herb for WHB where I made Quail Saltimbocca.

Traditional Saltimbocca alla Romana (which is the dish that began my love for sage) is such a special dish - it's the only main course in Italian cuisine where there is an official recipe. If you don't follow the recipe it can't be called Saltimbocca alla Romana.

Very much like bruschetta, the secret is it's simplicity and distinct flavours, the sage providing the key.

To celebrate Sage, I've gone through the archives and selected one of my earliest postings and it features sage - simple and moorish and sure to please - Linguine with sage burnt butter sauce & sautéed sweet potato


Don't forget you've got until 3pm Sunday, Utah time, to vote for your favourite herb!

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  1. There are two of you, so of course you get two votes!! And I do agree with both of your choices. I especially love the idea of your pasta with the sweet potato (and sweet potatoes are great for South Beach too!) Great job on this, as usual!

  2. Thanks Kalyn - it looks like we picked the 2nd and 3rd placed herbs. Really though, I wouldn't want to give up any of the herbs.

  3. I totally agree. Bruschetta Pomodoro definitely is the best way to have basil. I often have this for lunch at my fave Italian restaurant :-)

  4. There is no bad way to have basil. I have a recipe for ice cream I'm dying to try. Now to get my hands on an ice cream maker.

  5. Mae, it's a great thing to have for lunch - so summery.

    Hi Robinson - we had basil ice-cream a few weeks ago and I have to say it was amazing, it was the essence of basil distilled as an icecream. Hope you get to make it!

  6. I loved your sage and sweet potato pasta as well and can completely understand why you chose it to feature sage.

    And if we had access to the tomatoes you do, I might have chosen basil as my favourite rather than tarragon. Or would I? Tarragon is awfully good....



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