Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sesame and Almond Nougat

Torrone is a favourite form of nougat but it is slightly fiddly to make so I was quite interested to try a more wholesome version by Ursula Ferrigno that involves sesame seeds, almonds and honey.

You can, if you like toast both the sesame seeds and almonds before making this nougat but I decided to go with a more natural approach and left them untoasted. Either way, I think you might have to double the recipe to keep up with demand!


Sesame and Almond Nougat
[Makes a 28cm/11 inch square]

200 grams/7oz honey
55 grams/2oz caster sugar
225 grams/8oz sesame seeds
200 grams/7oz blanched almonds, roughly chopped

Prepare a 28cm/11 inch square baking tray (at least 5mm/¼ inch high) - line it with greased baking paper (almond oil is preferred).

Place the honey into a saucepan and gently heat until melted.
Add the sugar and slowly allow to come to boiling point.
Add the sesame seeds and almonds and continue to heat, stirring constantly until the mixture thickens.

Pour this thickened mixture into the prepared tray and flatten it into shape. Let it cool slightly before cutting into small squares, then allow it to cool completely before serving.


Feel free to help yourself to a piece or two ;)

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  1. Happy New Year in a few hours from now. We are about 10 wickets (sorry - I meant hours) behind you!

  2. Hi, Haalo!! It's 2007 for you already, Happy New Year!!

    Your nougat looks delicious, I should forget all my good manners and have a lot more then 1 or 2 pieces. ;D

    I like the way it's prepared, it seems to be really simple!

  3. Oh Trig, I would never mention the cricket, but seeing that you did..;) Have a great 2007!

    Have a fantastic New Year Patricia and you can have as many pieces as you like :)
    It is a really simple recipe and turns out really well - it's not heavy, not too sweet and if you like sesame seeds you'll love it.


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