Monday, February 26, 2007

Spinach and Egg Pie

Jeanne from Cooksister is hosting this edition of Waiter There's something in my...and that something this time is PIE.

Taking a cue from the weather, I decided on making something I could take on a picnic that should please just about anyone.

Made with a simple shortcrust pastry it's filled with sautéed onions and spinach that have been flavoured with ground nutmeg and grated parmesan - whole eggs are then cracked onto this filling before being covered with it's pastry lid. As it cooks the the egg whites solidify around the filling, the yolks set and when you slice it, it will be a delight to the eye as well as a delight to eat.

spinach and egg pie©

Spinach and Egg Pie
[Makes 1 x 12x34cm [5x13 inch] rectangular pie]

1 large red onion, sliced finely
250 grams spinach leaves, washed and dried
3 eggs
salt and freshly ground pepper
ground nutmeg, to taste
grated parmesan, to taste
poppy seeds, to sprinkle

I have made this in a rectangular fluted pie tin - you can of course make it in whatever shape you desire.

I divided my dough into two pieces in a 2/3 - 1/3 split.
Take the larger portion and roll out to line the base of the tin - leave the overhang as we tidy that up at the end. Roll the smaller portion out to form the lid. Let this rest while you make the filling.

Heat a little oil in a pan and over a gentle heat, sauté the finely sliced onions until softened and just beginning to colour. Turn the heat down and let them slowly sweat so the natural caramels can develop. When they have reached that rich golden colour, add the spinach leaves and toss through to mix. Let them wilt and soften, then increase the heat to remove any excess water as we don't want a damp mixture. Season with salt and pepper then set aside to cool.

When cool, taste and season with ground nutmeg and a generous grating of parmesan. Spread the mixture out over your lined tin, don't press down the mixture as we want the eggwhites to be able to seep into the gaps, creating a layered look.

I've used 3 eggs for this recipe but they are jumbo sized Green eggs - if you have smaller eggs, you might need to add one or two more. The number needed is also dependant on the shape of the tin used - you will be the best judge of how many eggs will suit your pie.

Make shallow indentations in the filling where the yolk will be sitting - then crack the eggs, one by one, opening them directly over these indentations.

inside spinach and egg pie©

Using a milk wash, brush the edge of the dough before covering with the other piece of pastry - press to seal before cutting off the excess. Give another brush to the pastry top and sprinkle, if desired with poppy seeds. Also make a couple of slits in the top to allow the steam to escape, this will help lessen the chances of the pie coming apart at the seams.

Bake in a preheated 180°C/350°F oven for approximately 40 minutes or until the pastry is golden brown and cooked through. If you feel the dough is browning too quickly, drop the temperature down to 160°C/325°F.

Let the pie cool a little in the tin before removing onto a wire rack.

spinach and egg pie©

You can serve this warm from the oven or wrap it up and serve it cold at a picnic.

slice of spinach and egg pie©


  1. Ooooh yum. This looks divine Haalo. And a great one to take on a picnic as well.

    This is certainly one for the "to do" list.

  2. This really looks delicious Haalo!

  3. Beautiful as always! And I do like that tip about the egg, what a nice surprise to have in store when cutting into it to enjoy!

  4. This type of pie is to die for... Yum yum!

  5. This pie looks amazing, Haalo - I love the ingredients you used for the filling, and the poppy seeds give the whole thing such a beautiful look!

  6. Everything you post looks wonderful I have to say.

  7. Haalo, this reminds me of a pie my Mum used to make. It was a bacon and egg pie. It was delicious.

    This looks really yummy too.

    Actually we are having rain here tomorrow, just the right weather to be making pastry.

  8. Thanks Mellie - it's the perfect weather for picnics.

    Thanks Anna!

    Thanks Ellie - it's nice to do something a bit different.

    Thanks Anh!

    Thanks Patricia - you can really put whatever filling you like.

    Thanks Pietro, that's nice of you!

    Hi Karen - oh yes, bacon and egg done like this is wonderful. I thought about adding bacon to this one but decided to leave it as a veg pie but on another day I think bacon would have won out!

  9. now that's what I call a decent pastry - sounds delicious and is very pretty!

  10. Nutmeg compliments spinach so beautifully, doesn't it? And what a creative choice to top your crust with poppyseeds! Delicious!

  11. Haalo, another success!!

    I made your pie, for dinner tonight, together with some minestrone, and it was just beautiful.

    My husband has just taken some to his Mother for her lunch tomorrow.
    We'll see what she thinks.:):)

    By the way it's raining outside and the temp is around 16 degC. Oh joy, it's Autumn tomorrow and my wedding Anniversary too.

  12. Thanks Foodfreak!

    Thanks Susan - totally agree, I just love nutmeg and spinach they are such a perfect match.

    Hi Karen - That's wonderful, I'm glad you enjoyed it and here's hoping it passes with your mother-in-law. Congratulations on the anniversary, hope you have a wonderful day (and thank goodness it's finally Autumn!)

  13. Oh, how perfectly lovely! I really love the way the whole eggs look once cooked in the pie and I'm sure the nutmeg flavour works beautifully. And what glorious photos! Thanks so much for joining WTSIM and hope to see you again next month :)

  14. Thanks Jeanne - I look forward to the next one!

  15. I love the idea of whole eggs cooked in the pie (I pre-cooked mine), and the poppyseeds look lovely on the top. Great pie!!

  16. Thanks Pille - loved your salmon pie, those quail eggs looked so cute.

  17. Hey! I made this last night and it was lovely. I didn't have poppy seeds though and I think they would have been a nice touch. This pie is a great vegetarian dish (if you use parmesan made without animal rennet) and a nice alternative to a quiche for a breakfast pie. Really light and delicious. Well done.

  18. Thanks Ian - that's great, glad it all turned out for you!


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