Saturday, February 03, 2007

Cheese: Udder Delights

I've returned to the utterly delightful Udder Delights for a cheese I know will appeal to fellow blogger Anna. It's the Udder Delights Chévre.


This is a fresh goat cheese - presented as a log. There's also an ashed and a herbed version available. It's pressed but still has a softness to it - your fingerprints will definitely show in this.


I seem to repeat myself when it comes to goat cheese - but what does strike you is the whiteness of the curd. The outside is slightly moist - you could probably compare it's feel to say a buffalo mozzarella.


It is sliceable though it will crumble somewhat as you can see but it's also very easy to spread. These qualities do make it more useful in the kitchen as it opens up the range of applications. As slices you could add it to tarts and the like, or serve it as is on a cheese board or treat it like a fromage frais.

Tastewise, it's a little more "goaty", slightly sharper in taste, though still extremely creamy in the mouth with an appealing tang.

If you'd like to know more about Udder Delights head over to this post.


  1. I love goat cheese. I was just at a restaurant this evening, and the cheese expert said he thought of cheese with three flavor profiles. Goat cheese = "chalky", Sheeps Cheese = "Nutty", and Cows Cheese = "buttery." I thought it was interesting. Do you agree?

  2. Interesting, but for me, far too simplistic a view.
    Not sure how goat cheese is described as chalky unless it's in reference to it's colouring. To give a cheese a one word label when cheese can run the gamut from just formed curds to fromage frais to deeply veined aged blues to hard cooked curds, it just seems nonsensical. You just have to look at how many adjectives are used in relation to wine, cheese is no different.

  3. I do think he was offering a "Cheese 101" approach. You're right about the number of adjectives -- there may be even more you can associate with cheese than wine.

  4. Just made myself a snack of chevre blanc in a wholegrain roll a few minutes ago, before looking at the xml feeds and seeing this.

  5. how did you know?!?!

    i simply adore soft chevre in general but udder delights is one of my favourites.

  6. Hi TW - seems an odd thing to say regardless of the reason.

    Trig - it's just a very small world isn't it?

    Hi Anna - no I'm not stalking you. You actually mentioned it in the previous Udder Delights post.


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