Thursday, January 03, 2008

Cheese: King Island Dairy

Way back in August (and boy does that feel like a long time ago) I posted about a cheese called Brie Rolle, today I feature its blue sibling.

Blue Rolle

This is the King Island Discovery Blue Rolle

blue rolle

The exterior is a little more furrier than the Brie, its skin was more papery. The main difference of course is inside.

blue rolle

It's a firm blue without being crumbly and in the mouth, it is quite creamy with a pleasant blue bite. If I recall the blue rolle weighs in at around 110 grams - so even if no-one else but you eats blue it is small enough not to go to waste.


It also sat very nicely on our Christmas Cheese Board!


  1. oh thats so very fancy and pretty, i loev the christmans cheese board. i hope this year i can learn more about good cheeses like this :)

  2. I love the perspective of these photos. Slightly dizzying and delicious at the same time. :)

  3. Thanks Aria - the best way is to just go and taste them

    Thanks Susan, it's a bit like a cheese city!

  4. This cheese looks so great- creamy and pungent at the same time! Great photos showcase the cheese just perfectly!

  5. these cheese photos are absolutely beautiful! i adore food photography--but i have terrible time with light! sun is the only way i come out. I am very envy of your photos! bon travail!

  6. Thank you Mallory, that is very kind of you!


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