Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cheese: Barambah Organics

My previous posting on Barambah Organics dealt with their butter, this time I've got hold of a very stinky cheese


Cheese: Barambah Organics Gold Hawk Washed Rind

It's advisable to take heed of the message on the label
This cheese has a strong pungent aroma and is full of intense flavour.

The aroma is evident before you even open the package, breathe deeply and those mushroom notes will come flooding over your senses


As you begin to unwrap it those scents start increasing


Tinged with a saffron skin, this small rounds looks harmless enough but it one of the more potent washed rinds I've had


As soon as you slice it and it begins to loose that chill from the fridge you are rewarded with a highly appealing oozing characteristic


it's almost as if the cheese itself wants to escape it's heady skin


Straight from the fridge there is quite a bit of ammonia on the nose so it will appreciate being allowed to come to temperature and these ammonia notes will dissipate over time.

If you are new to washed rinds, then I would advise against starting with this. If you like washed rinds but are unsure of this one, then take note that the more intense flavours are held within the rind and it's gloopy innards have a pleasant creamy bite to them.



  1. Haalo, the cardinal rule to follow when buying cheese is, "the stinkier, the better"!

  2. Absolutely nothing wrong with a good stinky cheese!! Means more for me ;-)

  3. Goodness! The stronger- the better! I will be looking for this in wild oats near here... do you think wild oats would carry this line?

  4. That looks wonderfully oozy! I'd love some on piece of baguette!

  5. looks interesting and a little intense - I am trying to decide if I wish the internet could let us smell the cheese or not!

  6. I think you'd enjoy this cheese Peter!

    That's an excellent way of looking at it Breadchick!

    Hi All - I don't think they ship this cheese out of australia, you'd certainly be able to smell it if it did!

    Thanks Brilynn - perfect on baguette

    Thanks Johanna - it's not an unpleasant aroma it is just really assertive cheese ;)

  7. Where did you get this cheese? Do you know if anyone at QV Market stocks it? Or anywhere inner city? Cheers, and thanks for your blog - discovered it through MacTalk forum. Andrew

  8. Hi Andrew and welcome - I found this one at Organic Elements at Prahran Market - it might be an idea to try their store at Vic Market.

    Since Barambah is an organic company I'd also suggest Macro Wholefoods in Richmond as they tend to stock the Barambah range.


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