Sunday, June 29, 2008

Prosciutto and Cabbage Salad

Salad is the theme of this edition of Weekend Cookbook Challenge hosted by Mike of Mel's Diner.

It may be winter here but I wanted to avoid the more usual salads based on roasted vegetables - so I sought inspiration in Melbourne Chef, Karen Martini and her latest book "Cooking at Home"

Karen Martini - Cooking at Home

One of the many salads in the book immediately appealed to me, a Bresaola and Cabbage Salad. I've substituted Prosciutto for the Bresaola but basically stayed true to the recipe. A simple lemony dressing is tossed through the finely shredded cabbage, fennel and parsley leaf salad - the salad is then presented on the bed of prosciutto slices and topped with shaved parmigiano-reggiano.


Prosciutto and Cabbage Salad
[Serves 6 as a starter]

finely sliced prosciutto
250 grams shredded cabbage
1 small fennel bulb, finely shredded
handful fresh parsley leaves

approx. ½ lemon, juiced (add to taste)
50 mls extra virgin olive oil
sea salt and freshly ground white pepper

shaved parmigiano-reggiano, for garnish

Make the dressing:
Place the oil, salt and white pepper and whisk in the lemon juice - be sure to taste the dressing to adjust the amount of lemon juice to suit your own palate.

Assemble the salad:
Place the cabbage, fennel and parsley leaves into a bowl and dressing over with a spoonful or two of the dressing, just use enough to lightly moisten the mixture - season and toss well.

Lay the prosciutto slices across the base of a serving platter and then top with the salad. Drizzle over with more of the dressing and finish off with a good sprinkling of shaved parmigiano.

Serve at once with any leftover dressing on the side.

prosciutto and cabbage salad ©


  1. AnonymousJune 30, 2008

    OH...MY...GOD!! Get out of here! Seriously, leave the web! That salad looks so good!!! It must have been to die for. I think the proscuitto sub for the bresola was a fantastic idea.

    You realize, I must hate you forever now.

    Just sayin.... (Grins)

  2. even though it is winter here too, I will not mind having a huge serving of that!!!!

  3. Okay Mike - I'll leave but I'll take my salad with me ;)

    Thanks Nina - it also makes a really good filling for baguette.

  4. I'm game for anything with prosciutto in it! :D Looks delicious!

    Stop by for a few bites of My Big Fat Greek Salad:

  5. AnonymousJuly 03, 2008

    Looks great.. I will definitely try this out.. Thanks for the recipe ;)

  6. Thanks AQ!

    Thanks Mary!

  7. if it comes from karen martini it must be delicious!:)))


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