Sunday, July 12, 2009

Baked Apples

Cheryl from Gluten Free Goodness is hosting this edition of Weekend Herb Blogging and this week I have another Australian invention, Pink Lady Apples.

Pink Lady Apples© by Haalo

These were developed in Western Australia in the 1970's and are a cross between Lady Williams and Golden Delicious. They were originally called Cripps Pink after their creator John Cripps but it seems marketability has guided its name change.

Pink Lady Apples do have my favourite characteristic in any apple - crispness and they are also quite juicy making them a great eating apple.

When working out what to do with them, I've been guided by their size. These particular ones were quite small and rather than cut them up I've decided to stuff and bake them - this way I can keep them whole.

There's probably a million recipes out there for baked apples so I thought I needed to do something a little different with the stuffing. I still had some of those beautiful slivered pistachios, that vibrant green is calling out for something equally striking. The answer came in a most unsual form, certainly something I'd not seen before, dried pomegranate seeds!

dried Pomegranate seeds© by Haalo

Who can resist the lure of those ruby seeds (I know I can't). They give you crunch, sweet and sour in one bite. My next ingredient offers colour and also a sweet citrus hit - a finely diced slice of glace orange. Flaked almonds adds another textural element and is a natural partner to apple.

To bind this filling, I've made a rough type of caramel from butter and brown sugar and if you have any extra, it's lovely drizzled over the finished product.

One other thing and I know Cheryl would approve, this is naturally gluten free!

Baked Apples© by Haalo

Baked Apples

4 small Pink Lady Apples (or use your favourite baking apple)
20 grams slivered pistachio
20 grams dried pomegranate seeds
10 grams flaked almonds
1 slice of glace orange, diced finely
15 grams butter
30 grams soft brown sugar

Place the butter and soft brown sugar in a pan over a low heat - stir until the butter has melted and the mixture has combined to form a slack caramel. Set to one side.

Put the slivered pistachios, pomegranate seeds and diced glace orange into a bowl - give them a stir to evenly distribute the ingredients, pour in a little of the caramel mix, just enough to bind the mixture. Sprinkle over with flaked almonds and gently stir through.

Use an apple corer to remove the cores from each of the apple. Carefully stuff the filling into the opening and place the apples onto a small baking dish. Pour in a little water and then bake in a pre-heated 160C/320F oven until softened.

After 15 minutes, baste the apples with water and keep doing this every 15-20 minutes until the apples are done to your liking.

Baked Apples© by Haalo

Baked Apples will never win first prize in a beauty contest but they more than make up for it in taste!

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  1. I'm beginning to wish I lived nearer to where you shop. I've NEVER seen dried pomegranate seeds, ever! I do this dish with dried cranberries for the sweet-tart touch, but I'm dying to try the poms now.


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