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Weekend Herb Blogging #193 Recap

It's the end of another herb blogging week and many thanks to all that have joined in on the fun. It's been great reading up about new and old ingredients alike and welcoming new faces.

I've presented the posts in order of their main or featured ingredient. Enjoy!


Mango, Apricot and Walnut Mini Strudel
by Dhanggit from Dhanggit's Kitchen

What's not to love - sweet, fruity, pastry goodness in mini form! Dhanggit fills her pastries with a mixture of home made apricot jam, mango jam and walnuts.


Creamy Basil Pasta
by Nupur from One Hot Stove

Nupur calls it a "propitious alignment of the celestial bodies" but after a year of having this recipe bookmarked she's finally gathered all the ingredients in one place to make it. The creaminess in this vegan dish comes from raw cashews!

Black Beans

Beef with Black Beans
by MC from Trailstops

This is MC's first entry to WHB and I hope there's many more to come. The black beans MC uses are salted soybeans and MC makes a black bean sauce by combining black rice vinegar, oyster sauce, palm sugar, water and cornstarch with the black beans. After stir-frying a mix of rump steak, enoki mushrooms, garlic, ginger, chilli and spring onions, this black bean sauce is added in the final moments to complete the dish.

Bok Choy

Firecracker Salmon and Soy-Glazed Baby Bok Choy
by Joanne from Eats Well With Others

Joanne finds an ideal match to her favourite fish Salmon in the form of these healthy and delicious baby bok choys. After first searing the bok choy, they are then treated to a dip in the reduced ginger spiced marinade.


Cucumber Salad with Borage Flowers
by Winnie from Heathy Green Kitchen

Winnie informs us that Borage is an excellent companion plant for tomatoes and cucumbers and best of all it's totally edible, leaves and flowers. For this dish, Winnie combines spiral sliced cucumber with a simple dressing of rice vinegar and sesame oil and garnishes with those beautiful blue borage flowers.


Wild Mushroom Salad
by Jude from Apple Pie, Patis and Pâté

Jude introduces us to another interesting ingredient, Culantro and uses it in this beautiful Thai Wild Mushroom Salad. Jude believes it has a stronger scent but weaker taste when compared to cilantro - all I know is that I want to go and find some!


Fruit Salad with Cantaloupe, Honeydew, Pineapple and Dill
by Kalyn from Kalyn's Kitchen

Kalyn's been enjoying herself at Blogher this week but she's left this fabulous and definitely not boring, fruit salad for us to enjoy. It's dressed with an intriguing mix of red wine vinegar, sugar, garlic, mustard powder, onion powder, olive oil, salt and pepper and finished off with a liberal scattering of fresh dill.

Fennel Bud

Fennel Bud and Mint Herb Butter
by Maybelle's Mom from Feeding Maybelle

Even a raccoon (you'll have to read the post!) couldn't stop Maybelle's Mom from producing these mouth-watering fennel bud and mint buttered corns cobs. It's also very useful to note that all part of the fennel are edible including the seeds, buds and flowers.

Green Chillies

Green Chillies with Sesame Paste
by Graziana from Erbe in Cucina (Cooking with Herbs)

Graziana grows Hot Jim chillies and picks them when green to make this thai-styled dish. The chillies are halved and stir-fried until brown. A sauce is made by combining sesame paste, fish sauce, lemon and yoghurt which is then mixed through the cooked chillies.


Pinipig Cookies
by Jude from Apple Pie, Patis and Pâté

Jude is back with pinipig which are described as "the Southeast Asian equivalent of Kellogg’s corn flakes", glutinous rice grains that have been flattened and toasted. Jude uses it to create these buttery cookies.


Porcini Pea Risotto
by Astrid from Paulchen's Foodblog

As Astrid notes this isn't the classic way to make risotto but the end result is fantastic and I'd also agree, this does look gorgeous! The pea and porcini risotto is finished with mozarella and shredded fresh basil.

Rainbow Chard

rainbow chard tart© by Haalo

I battle a dying internet to post about this Rainbow Chard Tart.

St John's Wort

St. John's Wort Oil
by Brii from Briiblog in English

Avid gardener Brii makes her own St John's Wort Oil. Using a base of olive oil, hypericum perforatum flowers are steeped in the sun for 20 days. You can read up on the medicinal benefits of St John's Wort Oil in Brii's post.

Thai Basil

Pad Kee Mao/Spicy Ground Chicken and Rice Noodles
by Jerry from Jerry's Thoughts, Musings and Rants!

Thai Basil has taken over Jerry's garden but just one look at this dish and I think we'd all be wishing for a Thai basil bonanza. What's not to enjoy in this delicious melange of thick rice noodles, chicken, shallots, garlic, peppers, eggs, bean sprouts and peanuts. Flavoured with oyster and fish sauce, lime juice and the fresh fragrance of cilantro and thai basil this is a dish guaranteed to please.


Pasta with Summer Pesto, Tuna and Cherry Tomatoes
by Cinzia from Cindystar

Cinzia presents a dish that leaves us transported to Italy - a cold pasta dish full of summer flavours, cherry tomatoes, olives, capers, basil, parsley and oregano. I can very easily picture myself of that lovely terrace, enjoying the view and this delicious dish.

Yellow Squash

Yellow Squash and Black Bean Saute
by Katie from Eat This

While MC presented a dish using asian black beans, Katie uses the south american version to help celebrate the new season of squash. Katie gives it a Mexican feel with the addition of garlic, jalapeno and cumin.

From the recap, time to move onto the details for next week and Weekend Herb Blogging #194!

Our host will be Anna from Anna's Cool Finds.

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