Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rice Cakes

This is really a very simple idea to utilise leftovers from rice based dishes - be it risotto or even that chicken tagine.

Reheating even the best risotto generally results in something that seems more closer to glue than food so my solution involves turning the rice into rice cakes by just adding egg!

rice cakesĀ© by Haalo

In this case I've chopped up the chicken thigh from the tagine and added it to the leftover rice and vegetables from the dish. Depending on your mood and the quantity you have remaining, you could also bulk it up by add freshly cooked vegetables, grated cheese, herbs or spices.

Next pour in a lightly whisked egg and stir until well combined - the mixture should be thick and a bit runny. If you find it's too wet add a handful of fresh breadcrumbs.

Heat up a lightly oiled non-stick pan and using english muffin rings or egg rings, divide the mixture evenly between them - I managed to make 4 in this case. Cook it slowly as you want the mixture to heat through and set. At this stage I like to add a small knob of butter to help form a richer crust.

Turn them over once you see the surface drying - they should have a lovely crisp base, it's these crunchy bits of rice that I especially love. Cook the other side until golden.

Move the fritters onto a plate, run a palette knife round the edge of the rings and then remove.

Served with a simple green salad and you have a complete lunch.


  1. Oh, YUM. One thing I've done is use dried out or older rice as a crust/base for a kind of pizza. Mixed with shredded cheese, topped with tomato sauce and veggies, and more cheese, it's also delish. This looks amazing.

  2. mmm, this is good for breakfast!

  3. This is so simple yet so effective. Can't wait to try it out :) !

  4. Sounds delish T - if I have a lot left over I'll add more eggs and then bake it in a springform pan.

    Thanks Dawn!

    Thanks Ana!

  5. This is an awesome idea! Next time I have rice left over this is what I will do with it :)


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