Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Karaka Blackberry and Peach Galette

I do like trying new ingredients so when I first read about Karaka Blackberries they certainly got my attention.

karaka blackberries© by Haalo

Originating in New Zealand, they are a much longer and denser fruit when compared to a regular blackberry and are said to be much sweeter. I wasn't too impressed with the first punnet I bought, perhaps it was too early in the season and the sweetness hadn't developed yet. A month on, I've purchased another punnet and while they aren't as tart as the first lot, they aren't as sweet as I'd been lead to believe.

Fear not, they won't go to waste - they should provide a nice counter to these sweet and juicy donut peaches.

donut peaches© by Haalo

I've put these two ingredients together to form the filling of this rustic galette.

blackberry peach galette© by Haalo

Blackberry and Peach Galette

½ portion sweet shortcrust pastry
200 grams karaka blackberries
1 kilogram donut peaches (approx), sliced thickly
almond meal
Demerara sugar or Raw sugar

You can use whatever fruit you have available, it's not necessary to use these particular varieties.

Roll the pastry out to form a circle about 25cm in diameter and place on a sheet of baking paper - it doesn't need to be a perfect circle, the roughness adds to its charm. Leaving about a 5cm rim, sprinkle almond meal over the centre of your pastry - this will soak up the juices of the fruit as it cooks and keeps the base crisp.

Arrange the cut fruit and berries to a form a mound in the centre of your pastry.

blackberry peach galette© by Haalo

Fold up the edges up over the form and press to form a circular shape. Brush the pastry with milk and then sprinkle over with demerara or raw sugar. Slide this onto a baking tray and bake in a preheated 170°C/320°F until golden and cooked through, about 35 -45 minutes, depending on the thickness of your dough.

Dust with icing sugar and then let it cool on the tray before serving.

blackberry peach galette© by Haalo

I so adore the combination of rich buttery pastry and sweet fruit but you need to cut yourself a slice to get the full picture.

blackberry peach galette© by Haalo

Word of warning - there will be no leftovers, you might want to bake two.


  1. Oh yum I'm thinking of using persimmons.. What do u think?

  2. I'd probably add another fruit, like pear or apple to go with persimmon

  3. wow that is such a lovely way to enjoy summer fruit

  4. I love love love blackberries---and that photo is making me crave them!

  5. I've made it !! it's yummy !


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