Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Black Truffle Stuffed Chicken

I probably should have posted this a few weeks ago when I actually made it but other things, namely me getting sick put a halt to many of my activities. Anyway, things are looking up and something that will certainly pep me up is truffles - so this is an ideal post to write.

This could be considered as part two of the Truffle Risotto post as two of the ingredients in that dish have ended up here.

The first is the remains of the Tibooburra Black Truffle and the second is the porcini paste. As I had leftover porcini paste I blended it with butter and then rolled it in baking paper to form a cylinder of porcini butter.

porcini butterĀ© by Haalo

Stored in the fridge to solidify, it can be sliced and added to just about any dish where it will impart its fabulous porcini flavour. You won't need to use a lot as the flavour is quite pronounced.

For this dish, I've taken thin slices of porcini butter and placed them under the chicken skin - I've then topped this with fine slices of fresh truffle.

truffle stuffed chickenĀ© by Haalo

You can do this with a whole chicken - its probably easier if you spatchcock the chicken first - or you can do it with chicken pieces which is what I've done in this case. I've chosen marylands - which are thigh and leg as they are the most flavoursome parts of the chicken.

Bake in a preheated 180°C/350°F oven, truffle side up. Once the skin has coloured turn the marylands over to brown the underside. When that has browned, flip them over again and cook until golden - do remember to baste the chicken with the melted butter.

truffle stuffed chickenĀ© by Haalo

You really need smellivision to appreciate the dish - crisp skin, succulent flesh that has been perfumed by porcini and truffle - it's a special occasion dish that can be enjoyed at any time.


  1. This is amazing! Too bad, but although south eastern Serbia is a large producer of black truffles, they all go to a very few restaurants or are exported. Practically impossible to find to buy them here :(

  2. Great recipe, haalo! I am glad you feel better - our weather has not been kind for me either

  3. I agree with Maria since I am from Serbia also...beautiful idea though...

  4. That is such a shame Marija especially since they are grown there.

    Thanks Anh!

    Thanks Jelena!


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