Monday, October 25, 2010

Turkey Meatball Baguette

When it comes to my cooking ability, I can safely say that my mother takes most of the credit for providing that solid foundation of knowledge but she also taught me to appreciate the power of leftovers.

With time seemingly at a premium these days, it makes sense to actually plan to have leftovers - the cost to produce a larger meal, both in physical labour and monetary value is negligible.

In my household, when it comes to meals, I always have one eye on tomorrow. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the curry leftovers and today I have another use for those turkey meatballs I made.

There's two obvious ways to extend their life - make more to begin with or alter your meatball to pasta ratio. What I make with those extra meatballs and their wonderfully rich sauce is an utterly satisfying lunchtime offering - warm silverbeet and turkey meatball baguette.

Turkey Meatball Baquette© by Haalo

I use silverbeet (or chard) rather than spinach because it's more substantial - it holds up to the flavours of the meatball and its sauce. It's also a bonus that silverbeet tends to grow like a weed in the garden so it's always there on hand. It's been boiled and then sautéed briefly in a little butter.

The leftover meatballs and sauce go on top along with some grated tasty cheese - place in the oven and let it warm through until the cheese has melted and the meatballs have warmed through.

Turkey Meatball Baquette© by Haalo

This will be sure to beat any cafe alternative you can find.


  1. Great ideas - I have a new crop of chard in my garden. And I always try to plan for leftovers

  2. I share your same ideas in left overs, they definitely do wonders.

  3. Isn't chard the best Katiez?

    Thanks MRM!

  4. that looks so delicous. I love meatballs in sandwiches.

    I remember my favourite sandwich used to be leftover spag bol sauce with cheese and then put in the breville machine.

  5. I still do that Susan :)!


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