Wednesday, February 02, 2011

French Earl Grey Tea

While Earl Grey Tea may need no introduction, this isn't necessarily so in the case of French Earl Grey Tea.

French Earl Grey Tea© by Haalo

Earl Grey is a tea that can divide - you'll either love the Bergamot flavour or you'll hate it. In case you wondered Bergamot is actually a Calabrian orange and is grown not for its juice but for its essential oils and it is this oil that flavours Earl Grey Tea.

If you're one of these people that think Earl Grey is a bit too overpowering then you probably should take a closer look at French Earl Grey. This is blend of black tea leaves, bergamot oil, hibiscus, rose, mallow flower and sunflower blossom.

French Earl Grey Tea© by Haalo

There's a subtle backnote of bergamot but the floral elements bring a refreshing sweetness to the tea. It's probably best drunk black (you could add milk and sugar if you like) but it also makes an excellent iced tea.


  1. This looks beautiful:)

  2. I used to be a massive Earl Grey fan, but never got back into it after my pregnancy. I loved the French Earl Grey, and Lady Grey was a big favourite too. Maybe it's time for a comeback.

  3. Thanks Muppy!

    Sounds like a perfect time Adele!


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