Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weekend Herb Blogging #314 - Recap

Another WHB year is over but never fear we will be back again next year. We have a fine array of dishes that share a festive feel. As usual I've presented the posts in order of main ingredient.


Chocolate Fudge
Brii from Briggishome

Brii is the fabulous hostess behind the Italian version of Weekend Herb Blogging and she's got a wonderful festive dish to share - Chocolate Fudge. Amazingly it only has 3 ingredients but you can add other flavourings like cinnamon, chilli and ginger.

Cocoa Nibs

Cocoa Nibs
Simona from Briciole

You can't have chocolate without cocoa nibs and if you're a bit unsure on how to use this product then Simona has everything you need to know and excellent ideas on how to use them - she has even made a Bel Paese cheese with cocoa nibs - I would love to try that!


Chilli Eggplants
Tigerfish from Teczcape-An escape to food

Tigerfish falls for the allure of tiny vegetables, in this case baby eggplants and showcases them in a gloriously spicy dish of Chilli Eggplants. It starts with a base of curry leaves and dried chillies to which cumin, shallots, garlic and ginger are added - fresh tomato and more chilli, in powder and flake form, round out the dish. Finally, the whole roasted eggplants are added to this spiced sauce to infuse.


Fennel baked in cream
Marija from Palachinka

Marija's baked fennel in cream sounds like a wonderful side perfect for the yuletime table. Fennel and onions are first baked in a mix of white wine and stock until they soften. To finish off, cream is poured over, along with a little nutmeg & dill and then returned to the oven until the sauce thickens.


Gingerbread men
Graziana from Erbe in Cucina (Cooking with Herbs)

Graziana has been wanting to make gingerbread men since she saw Shrek and now she finally has the right cutters she's been able to fulfil this desire. These gingerbread men are sweetened with honey and spiced with ginger and a touch of cinnamon.


Almond crusted Rhubarb Cake
Cheah from No-Frills Recipes

This is the first time Cheah has cooked with Rhubarb and she's created this wonderful rhubarb cake - scented with vanilla, cinnamon and orange and topped with cinnamon spiced sugared almonds. The cake is soft and moist as it uses yoghurt. I can imagine this would be great to share with a pot of tea or coffee.

Rolled Spelt

Rolled Spelt Crackers

I've used rolled spelt instead of rolled oats to makes these crackers - a perfect accompaniment to cheese, dips and paté.


Ham and Chicken Paté
Cinza from Cindystar

Cinzia has a touch of luxury in her festive offering - truffle cream. The chicken is first sautéd in butter with the truffle cream added at the end of cooking. It's then blitzed with ham and butter to a paté consistency and then placed in the fridge to set.

If I've left anyone out or there are errors, please drop me a line and I'll fix it right up.

Thank you for joining in this week and to everyone that has taken part throughout the year. Weekend Herb Blogging officially resumes on January 2nd with WHB#315 which will be hosted by me. I will be accepting entries posted during the break, just send them along to the usual address - whb AT

Have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year!


  1. A festive set of recipes. Thank you so much, Haalo, for the roundup and for all your work to keep the WHB tradition alive.

  2. Such a lovely recap to welcome the festive time!
    Those fennels are so inviting, and would like to have a slice of that rhubarb cake with my herb tea now.
    And ... I bet you read in my mind as I was looking for nice crostini to match my paté :-)
    Thank you so much for your work and care about WHB, I wish you all the best for the incoming holidays!

  3. Thanks so much for the wonderful round-up and the effort you've put in for WHB. Merry X'mas and a very Happy New Year to you and your family.

  4. Lovely round up haalo - glad you are keeping WHB going strong - it is a great event and you make it seem effortless the way it just keep going - a true art - hope you have a merry christmas and best wishes for 2012 - look forward to more WHB in the new year

  5. Just came across your blog. Cool to see that you've been at it for 6 years!! I hope your upcoming years are successful to you!

    Happy 2012 : )


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