Friday, September 21, 2012

FOCS: Amaro Albergian

One of the things we're planning to do while we're in Italy, is to delve deeper into the wonderful world of digestives and amari. Some like Averna and Campari are very well known but we're more interested in tasting the lesser known and unusual.

The first digestive we're trying is Albergian Amaro

Amaro Albergian© by Haalo

As I'm in Piemonte, it's fitting that the journey begins with a local company. Founded in 1908 by the owners of the Albergian Hotel, they produce a large range of items from jams to tea, all using ingredients that are local to their area.

Amaro Albergian© by Haalo

The recipe for this amaro dates from 1823, a distillation of mountain herbs, roots and flowers. There are no added colourings or flavours and it comes in at 25% alcohol.

Amaro Albergian© by Haalo

A pleasant amber colour with a sweetly spiced fragrance, it feels thick and luscious on the tongue. The initial flavour is a mix of nut and honey with a walnut-like bitterness that follows.

All up a very enjoyable tipple.

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