Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tropea Onion Tart

Siri from Cooking with Siri is hosting this edition of Weekend Herb Blogging and this week I'll be featuring the elegant Tropea Onion.

tropea onions© by Haalo

Tropea onions have their origins in the Calabrian town of Tropea and are highly prized for their sweet taste. They can have the appearance of a regular round onion or like this elegant torpedo shape.

All over the markets I've been spying these "trecce" (plaits) of Tropea and unable to resist, I obviously bought myself one. This means that I've got quite a lot of onions to use so I've made myself a quick and easy tropea onion tart.

tropea onion tart© by Haalo

Tropea Onion Tart
[Makes 2]

12 tropea onions
olive oil
sea salt and freshly ground white pepper
freshly grated parmesan
2 puff pastry sheets (12x8 inch approx)

Peel and halve the onions, then cut into thick discs.

tropea onions© by Haalo

Heat a good glug of olive oil and a knob of butter in a pot and place over a medium heat - when the butter has melted add the sliced onions, sprinkle over with a little sea salt and stir briefly. Turn down the heat and cook very gently until the onions have softened - this should take between 30 to 45 minutes.

Taste and adjust the seasoning as necessary, then allow to cool.

Take the puff pastry rectangles and cut in a 1cm edge - sprinkle the base with a little grated parmesan being careful to avoid the edge and then spread over with the onions. Finish with a little more grated parmesan and then bake in a 170°C oven for about 25 to 30 minutes or until puffed and golden brown.

tropea onion tart© by Haalo

Let it sit for a couple of minutes before placing on a tray to serve.

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