Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Green Tea, Lime and Ginger Slushie

green tea© by Haalo

I've used gunpowder green tea in the past as the base for Mint Tea but change is good and I've teamed it this time with  lime and zingy ginger. To make it extra refreshing I've par-frozen the mix to give it a soothing slushie texture.

green tea,lime and ginger slushie© by Haalo

Green Tea, Lime and Ginger Slushie

3 teaspoons gunpowder green tea
3 cups near boiling water (around 80°C)
honey, to taste
3 limes, juiced
sliced fresh ginger, to taste

The amount of sweetener, lime juice and ginger should be left up to your own personal taste - I find 3 limes are enough for this amount of liquid but you may like to add more or less.

Place the ginger and tea into a heat-proof jug and pour over with the hot water. Let that sit for 15 minutes then strain. Stir in the honey and lime juice to taste. Place in the fridge to cool completely. You can enjoy it cold as is, or make it into a slushie.

To make a slushie:
Pour the cooled brew into a shallow container and place in the freezer. Give it a stir every half hour until it reaches the right consistency. You could also freeze it until solid and then break it up in a blender.

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  1. Looks lovely and refreshing, I've been making so many slushies this summer!


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