Saturday, April 27, 2013

Burrola - Burrata al Gorgonzola

It's the start of Vinum today here in Alba and as part of the festivities the Alba, Langhe e Roero Slow Food conviviums along with the Streetfood organiziation are holding a "Street Food" event - a celebration of traditional Italian street foods.

One of the stands that immediately attracted us was "Il Signore delle Mozzarelle" where various types of mozzarelle were being made right before our eyes.

Mozzarelle are a time sensitive cheese and start to lose their quality within an hour of being made - so being able to not only witness the cheese being made but being able to buy and eat it as soon as it is made, that is rather special. If you're interested in seeing photos of how the cheese is made, you'll find photos of the process on their facebook page.

The cheese that got our full attention was the Burrola - burrata stuffed with gorgonzola - the choice perfect for a bit of a decadent lunch.

burrata con gorgonzola© by Haalo

Within 10 minutes of being made - we're back at our apartment and it's ready to eat, accompanied by Paesano bread, merinda tomatoes and basil plucked fresh from its pot.

burrata con gorgonzola© by Haalo

You wouldn't normally cut it this way but it gives you a good look at the lovely runny interior of gorgonzola.

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