Sunday, May 05, 2013

Goose Egg and Summer Truffle

Wandering around the Mercato delle Terra on Saturday I was stopped in mid stride by the sight of two unusual eggs - one could say that sizewise, they were complete opposites.

three eggs© by Haalo

At the top of this photo is your regular hen egg - the enormous white egg is a goose egg (uovo d'oca) and the small egg at the left is a guinea fowl egg (uovo di faraona) - I'll be dealing with that egg in another post.

In an earlier posting on goose egg I used to to make an omelette but I'm taking an even easier route and combining it with something I haven't used before but has just come into season this week - summer truffle.

summer truffle© by Haalo

I know some look down upon summer truffles and have written quite disparaging things about them but I was quietly impressed by it's terrific aroma - I suppose the lesson here is to keep an open mind and make your own judgment.

So I've used these two items to make a slightly indulgent Sunday Brunch dish for two

Goose Egg and Summer Truffle© by Haalo
I've fried the egg in lots of lovely local butter - it does take a little while, so keep the heat low and place a lid on the skillet. There's a lot of yolk to get through and heated to the right temperature but you'll be rewarded with a seriously rich and creamy yolk.

Goose Egg and Summer Truffle© by Haalo

The best part of using the summer truffle is that you can really pile them on! Serve this with crusty bread and you'll be wishing you could do this everyday.

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