Friday, March 30, 2007

Presto Pasta Nights #5

It's pasta time again with thanks to Ruth from Once Upon a Feast who does a splendid job hosting this event each week.

As we are still in lent I'll be making another non-meat pasta using those flavoursome "fun guys" of the food world - mushrooms.

There were some great mushrooms at the market today so I'll be using several different types including these chaps called King Oyster

king oyster mushroom©  by haalo

and these rather ethereal looking Enoki

enoki©  by haalo

along with Portobello and Oyster mushrooms.

In the spirit of being quick and easy this pasta couldn't be simpler. Sauté a little leek then add the mushrooms, a good measure of fresh thyme and crumble in some soft Chèvre to help form a sauce. Then simply toss the pasta through and viola it's ready!

Fettucine with Mixed Mushrooms and Chèvre© by haalo

Fettucine with Mixed Mushrooms and Chèvre
[Serves 2]

fresh/dried Fettucine
1 medium leek, cut into quarters and diced
2/3 sprigs of fresh thyme
freshly ground salt and pepper
assorted Mushrooms - I won't give an actual weight as it's really up to your personal preference and the type of mushrooms you use.

Place a little olive oil and a knob of butter into a pan over a medium heat. When butter has melted add the leek and sauté until softened but not coloured.

With the mushroom combination I used I added the Portobello first, followed by the King Oyster and then the Oyster, leaving the Enoki to the very end when I tossed in the pasta. You want the mushrooms to get a little colour but not break down or release too much moisture as this would make it stew rather than sauté - you need to keep an eye on the maintaining
an adequate amount of heat. Add the thyme leaves along with salt and a good grinding of black pepper and keep tossing the mixture to get an even colouring.

Add the cooked but not totally drained pasta to the pan along with a couple of slices of crumbled Chèvre - the heat of the pan and the pasta should cause the Chèvre to melt and form a "sauce".

Serve this in your bowls along with a little extra Chèvre, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a sprig of thyme.

Full of flavour and with a variety of textures, it's a perfect choice for any time of year not just lent!


  1. oh how delicious! this looks absolutely wonderful!

  2. Haalo, how funny! I cooked fettuccine with mushrooms and some other ingredients, too! Great mind ;)!

    Your dish is so beautiful! I love anything mushroom so your dish is a must try! :)

  3. I love mushrooms, but I have a problem with them, I'M ALERGIC TO ALL TIPE OF MUSHROOMS. I cook them for my family and really have a bad time seeing how they eat them and I can't even taste them !

  4. What an excellent, fabulous way to work all those mushrooms. So glad you shared with the rest of us pasta lovers.

  5. Thanks Truffle!

    Thanks Anh - you know what they say about great minds ;)

    Oh no Pilar, I don't know how you can cook them when you're allergic to them. Your family is really lucky that you will do that for them.

    Thanks Ruth, it's always a pleasure to take part!

  6. Haalo, what a beautiful dish!

    My dear friend Valentina is crazy about mushrooms, I sent her the link to this recipe the minute I saw it.

    I've made so many of your recipes and they all turned out perfect. I know this is no exception.

  7. As always Patricia you are too kind. I'm so happy to hear that the dishes have worked and I hope your friend Valentina will enjoy this mushroom offering.

  8. i loved how you brought together all those mushroom with fettuccine! Beautiful.

  9. Thanks Burcu - they all have different characteristics and this really shows when you put them together.


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