Monday, March 19, 2007

Cheese: Tarago River Cheese

Tarago River Cheese was started in 1982 by the Jensen and Johnston families with 250 acres and 300 cows. Today they have grown to more than 850 acres and 800 cows. The dairy is located on the main road that links Neerim South to Mt Baw Baw. In fact during winter, most weekends we'd stop over here on our way to Mt Baw Baw for some of their fabulous cheese. Unfortunately, the cellar door isn't open any longer - the space was needed as demand for their cheese increased.

The cheese I'm looking at today is one of Paalo's favourites - just it's name is enough to send him misty eyed.

shadows piece

Cheese Maker: Tarago River Cheese
Cheese Name: Shadows of Blue
Location: 2236 Main Neerim Road, Neerim South, Victoria

Shadows of Blue as the name tells you, is a blue cheese, made in the style of a Blue Castello. Penicillium Roqueforti cultures are used to produce this creamy but mildly flavoured cheese. The photo below clearly shows the injection marks.

shadows of blue

Even though it looks like it would be heavily veined, it isn't.


This really is the type of blue that even an avowed blue hater should be able to eat. The mould acts to break down the cheese structure and leave it wonderfully creamy and almost spreadable.


This cheese usually disappears fairly quickly on a cheese board - it's the type that should be served on crusty bread and in generous portions. Other uses - savoury tarts, pasta sauces, pizza toppings or a wonderful companion to Prosciutto and figs.


  1. If you like the shadow's, you'd love the Tasmanian Heritage "Signature Blue". Made to a french recipe, it is smooth and creamy with a good vein but mild. Look out for it in the shops.


    By the way! Your blog site looks fantastic. Well done.

  2. The French and Italians need to seriously watch out. Fabulous, as always.

  3. Thanks Steve - I'll keep an eye out for it. Must admit I've ogled all those wonderful cheeses you stock.

    Thanks Trig!

  4. I don't know if you've tried it, but their Strezlecki Blue made from goat's milk is in our top two blue cheeses.

  5. I'm a big fan of the Tarago River cheeses as wel. I actually used it as one of my test cheeses for my microbiology thesis...some people will do anything to get a good supply of this.

  6. Hi Neil - we've enjoyed their Strzelecki Blue but it's hard to go past the shadows of blue

    Hi Jules - did you get to eat the cheese after your finished or was it's life given in the pursuitof science?

  7. I'm always looking out for blue cheeses. Excellent photo and information. I can almost taste it.

  8. Thanks Jude - it's a great cheese and hope you can find it!


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