Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mint Ice Cream

Mint Ice Cream - I wonder if the commercial varieties actually contain any of this

fresh mint

The only way to ensure it's presence is to make it yourself!

I made Mint Ice cream recently to partner the Cantaloupe Soup but it's so wonderfully refreshing you can really just enjoy it on it's own. Having had great success with Basil Ice Cream I based this creation on that recipe - just look at that vibrant green, it screams eat me!

mint ice cream

Mint Ice Cream

140 grams water
150 grams caster sugar
40 grams glucose
360 grams plain yoghurt
50 grams fresh mint leaves
5 grams citric acid (or the juice of 1 lemon)

Place the water, caster sugar and glucose in a saucepan over a medium heat - stir well to dissolve the sugar and then let the mixture come to the boil.
Remove from heat and let it cool.

When cold, place the syrup along with the mint, yoghurt and citric acid into a blender and blend until smooth and the mix is a bright green.

Pass this through a muslin lined strainer and then put it through the ice-cream maker following manufacturer's directions.

I found this took a little longer to churn - around 40 minutes but that could be due to the temperature of the mixture.

When done, pour into a sealed container and place in the freezer for a few hours before serving.

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  1. You do mean 50 grams mint, don't you? :)
    I have a recipe for mango cardamom ice cream in my Mangoes and Curry Leaves cookbook where the authors forgot to add cardamom itself from the ingredinet list!

  2. Thanks Nabeela - all fixed now.

  3. At last we are starting to see sensible suitable weather here for eating ice creams and sorbets. I must get the Krups out again. I'll point my mum at your blog - green is her favorite colour!

  4. Looks fantastic! My mate is a huge fan of mint and would absolutely love this!

  5. What a wonderful looking ice cream! I love mint ice cream but it is never minty enough for me. I recently made some mint sugar syrup using real mint leaves, for a wonderfully kitsch Grasshopper Pie and your ice cream reminds me of that!

  6. That really is the best coloured mint ice cream ever!

  7. Haalo, this ice cream looks stunning! I bet it tastes good, too.

  8. Hi Trig - anytime is the right time for ice cream!

    Thanks Ellie - if you like mint you'll love this!

    Thanks Freya and Paul - love Grasshopper pie - I used Creme de Menthe when I make it, mint syrup sounds delish.

    Thanks Brilynn - the mint really keeps it's colour, just as the basil did.

    Thanks Anh - it's fab on a hot day and great with fruit salad.

  9. Your mint ice-cream reminds me on a fantastic dish at the spanish island of Mallorca, "seafood with basil-ice cream".
    BTW, I am quite happy that I discovered your blog a few days ago, your recipes are truly an inspiration!

    Greetings from Berlin,

  10. Thank you Martin, much appreciated and I hope you continue to enjoy the blog. Sounds like quite a combination would be interesting to taste it.

  11. Great recipe for an icecream. Do agree with you that we cannot be sure if these ingredients go into the original recipe. The recipe is well-written with great pictures. The mint leaf on the top is a winner pic.

  12. Thank you Pritya - it's a simple recipe but turns out excellent ice-cream.


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