Sunday, June 03, 2007

Tea - Tea Culture

A couple of months ago I posted about Chinese Flower Tea and recently a new tea store has opened up within Prahran Market (right next door to Monsieur Truffe) that sells 12 different varieties of flower tea.

Naturally I couldn't resist sampling some of their wares.

flower tea

The flower tea is available in these packs of 2 or if you prefer there are cans that contain I believe, roughly 20 flowers.


This is called Seashell with Pearls - it's Jasmine and Globe Amaranth Flower bundled with green tea.

It's hidden beauty comes alive with the simple addition of hot water


This particular blend is said to calm and relax and
contains essential vitamins and minerals and helps east coughing and enhance vision


It's very easy to drink - there's subtle jasmine on the nose and is quite soothing on the throat. As with all flower teas you can keep refilling the pot with hot water.

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  1. Lovely post. I love flower tea, too. Must go and get some to try :)

  2. AnonymousJune 04, 2007

    Almost too pretty to drink :) At a cafe I once visited in Brisbane, they had a selection of these types of teas, and I think they called them "tea gardens".

  3. Wow, that's very pretty. Do they sell it online anywhere? Is it worth me looking through (London's) Chinatown for some?

  4. What a beauty! I have never seen something like that. And lovely picture too Haalo! As always

  5. Haalo,
    This looks beautiful, I would really love to try some. Will have to find my way to Prahan market someday, are they expensive?

  6. Thanks Anh - the flower teas are perfect for sharing.

    Hi Y - that's an appropriate name for them!

    Hi Owen - your best bet might be a tea specialist - there are stores online that do stock them so it may be worth while just googling to see if they will deliver to you - they might also be called Bouquet Tea.

    Thanks Rose - I hope to post about some of the others in the future.

    Hi Tara - The packs of 2 cost $4 - average price I've seen can be from $2-$5 each. I can also recommend for local online purchase. If you visit Prahran Market don't forget to try the chocolate at Monsieur Truffe!

  7. I just got some of those recently, they're really pretty.

  8. That's beautiful. I love the glass teapot as well!

  9. That looks so pretty! Similar to Rose, I've never seen anything like that. I feel like am missing out, so I'll have to hunt some down in Sydney....

  10. Hi Brilynn - they are pretty but they also make a good pot of tea.

    Thanks Christianne - the teapot is from Bodum.

    Thanks Nora - they seem to be coming more readily available - I know Essential Ingredient stock the Larsen and Thompson range.

  11. Thanks, Haalo. The problem with the Essential Ingredient is that the last time I went there, I left a few hundred dollars poorer. There is always something that I "need" ;-)

  12. During the last blogging by mail, i was the lucky recipient of that type of flowering tea and I don't get tired of it...makes me happy everytime I brew some tea! Beautiful picture.

  13. Nora - I can relate to that problem ;)

    Thanks Helen - it looks lovely but also tastes so good.


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