Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Tea - Tea Culture

This next Chinese Flower Tea is once again from Tea Culture - there's at least 10 more varieties to go!

This one is called Good Fortune

Good Fortune

Good Fortune is made with green tea and contains tagetes flower - it's said to help boost the immune system.


Tagetes are part of the daisy family - you can see a resemblance to Marigolds.


The brew itself has a golden hue that matches the flowers. There's an initial sweet aroma but has quite a dry, savoury finish.

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  1. What lovely pictures of this flower in your teapot! This sounds really interesting, I wonder if I can find it here (Paris)...

  2. Thanks Hilda - I think either a specialist tea store or perhaps a chinese grocer might be your best options. If not then there are reputable tea merchants on the internet where you'll be able to find them.

  3. That's lovely! I've never seen a tea flower blooming in a teapot before. Thanks for sharing. (I just came up your site from Technicolor Kitchen.)

  4. beautiful tea - I need to get a clear tea pot. I have one flowering tea but don't want to use it until I get the pot.

  5. Thanks Lynn and Welcome - patricia has a great site!

    Oh Jaden I hope you find your teapot soon!

  6. I love these teas you do! The photos are sublime. I must find out where in New York I can find flowering teas.

  7. Thanks Amanda - if all else fails there is always amazon

  8. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful whole site! I was writing a post for Little House in the Suburbs about homemade marigold tea and used one of your pics. It's sited, but please tell me if it's not okay with you and I'll remove it.

    Homemade Marigold Tea

    Thank you.


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