Friday, July 27, 2007

Presto Pasta Night #22

For this Presto Pasta Night I'll be focusing on the presto part of it as I battle a case of sniffles and Pasta surely is a comfort food for those times you don't feel the best.

I'll be using vermicelli again but this time I'll be making a frittata. I've kept the flavours fairly plain as I can't really taste much at the moment but you could add fresh pesto to the mix to liven it up a little or even drizzle over a little salsa verde.


Vermicelli Frittata

1 cup vermicelli
2 eggs
salt and freshly ground pepper
grated Parmigiano-Reggiano or your favourite hard cheese

Gently heat a small 8cm/20 inch deep sided skillet - brushing with a little olive oil.

Cook the vermicelli and drain as soon as they are done - this should only take a couple of minutes.

Gently whisk the eggs, salt, pepper and cheese together before adding the vermicelli.

Pour this into the skillet and press down on the top to evenly distribute the egg. It should sizzle when it hits the pan as you need the base to brown.

As the top dries out, squeeze little pieces of butter along the sides of the frittata - this gives you that nice crisp top.

When it's almost cooked, sprinkle over with a little more grated cheese and then place under a grill to brown and finish cooking the frittata.

Place your serving board on top of the pan and flip it out. If you have properly sealed the base it should come out in one piece.


Cut into slices and serve at once - a simple salad would make a good companion.


There you have it, quick and easy and comforting to boot.

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  1. oh wonderful is this? i finally found a recipe to use up all my vermicelli pasta i still got left from my ricotta tart. - lovely and so simple.
    - & get well!

  2. Anyway you look at it, it's gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.

    I hope you feel better soon. Check back in a bit for the roundup.

  3. Haalo, I love this dish!

    What a wonderful idea to use leftover pasta... :)

  4. What a shame you're not well.
    I hope it doesn't hang on for too long.

    My son will enjoy this frittata, he loves his pasta quite plain at the best of times....just like his Nonno!!!

  5. Oh, this really looks sensational! I just love the pasta has formed that crispy, crunch crust all around. And with a little pesto on top? Ahhhh....
    Take care.

  6. oh wow that looks so amazingly delicious. i love crispy noodle things and your vermicelli frittata looks perfect!

  7. Haalo, this looks like fantastic comfort food. I hope that you are feeling better. The sniffles are doing their round in Sydney too. My partner has been sick the last few days and I am trying not to get sick, esp. this weekend.

  8. Oh my dear Haalo, I hope you will recover vry soon but with such a beautiful fritata, I am sure you will feel better in no time.
    Take care Haalo and have a great weekend my friend.

  9. AnonymousJuly 28, 2007

    Definitely comforting. Feel better real soon.


  10. How can anything that simple look that good?
    I'm just going to have to make it myself to prove that it tastes good, too.... not that I don't believe you, of course, but I really need to sink a fork into that....

  11. OMG: I just love it! I'm definitely going to use this recipe

  12. Thanks Myriam - why not just make another tart ;)

    Thanks Ruth!

    Thanks Patricia!

    Thanks Karen - at least it's just a cold rather than the flu, so i'm thankful for that.

    Thanks Susan - there's something yummy about crunchy noodles.

    Thanks Eatme!

    Thanks Nora - I hope the cold clears up in time for your big christmas party.

    Thank you Rose - between this and chicken soup I'll soon be back at full strength

    Thanks Paz - I certainly will with all these good wishes coming my way.

    Thanks Katie - this has a fairly plain flavour but you can add flavourful things to it, like fresh herbs, slow roasted tomatoes or even crispy cubes of pancetta, actually you can add whatever you would use to make a regular frittata.

    Thanks Nerissa - hope you enjoy it.

  13. So simple and yet so brilliant. I put a link to this on my weekly wrap up this week, great post! :)


  14. Thanks Snoskred, that's so very lovely of you.

  15. This looks absolutely wonderful. I have made versions of this in the past, but yours looks so much better. I will have to try your recipe soon!

  16. Thanks Sarena - I do hope you enjoy it!


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