Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Miellerie Honey

Miellerie means "Honey House" in French - it's also the name of this Tasmanian brand, managed by apiarist Yves Ginat.


Miellerie combine traditional French techniques with the unique nectars of Tasmania.

As you can read on the label this is Unheated honey. Extraction is done at room temperature and then packed at the temperature found in the bee hive. What this means is that all the natural enzymes and live pollens remain in the honey - heat treating the honey destroys all these elements.

There is one trade off though, the honey is not clear but cloudy.


There are currently 4 varieties available - Blue Gum, Prickly Box, Leatherwood and this one, Lake Pedder's Nectar.


There's quite a creaminess to the honey's texture and it almost has a waxy appearance. The indentation left by the spoon remains long after the honey has been removed and it can be easily spread without that annoying dripping.

Tastewise it just has an intense honey flavour, I couldn't gauge a particular note to it's aroma but it will be most interesting to taste Miellerie's Leatherwood and compare it with the more readily available one made by the Tasmanian Honey Company.

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  1. I love unfiltered honey...
    unfortunately I'm in the wrong hemisphere (Paris), but we have some pretty good raw honeys here too.

  2. This is one of my favourite brands of honey (I eat honey on toast for breakfast often). I like their Blue Gum and Leatherwood honey.

  3. Hi Hilda - I think you have excellent honeys...and cheese...and bread..

    Hi Nora - I'm really interested in trying the Leatherwood but it's the one that disappears first.

  4. You've answered a question for me. I bought some raw honey but didn't know why it was called "raw." Now I know!

    A spoonful of it works wonders on a dog with a gurgly tummy.

  5. Thanks Kitt - raw honey used to confuse me until I finally got the chance to ask an apiarist.

  6. I currently live next door to Yves the apiarist that makes the honey, so we have a pretty good income of all the honeys. very yummmmmmmy.


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